Cell Phone Safety – What You Can do to Protect Yourself

The news is buzzing with stories about the dangers of cell phones and what cell phone safety measures you should take in light of the new health risks. It’s difficult to separate opinion from fact, and truth from hype.

The truth is that studies are showing a link between cell phone use and brain tumors.

A 2010 study caught the nation’s attention by being one of the first pieces of causal evidence in the case against cell phones. A lot of criticism was launched at this study, and though it had its flaws, more studies have started to be published that back up the idea that cell phones can cause brain tumors.

A California Court recently ruled in favor of a plaintiff seeking workman’s comp for being exposed to cell phones at work and contracting debilitating brain tumors as a consequence of that work.

From leading scientists and medical professionals to judges and CEO’s, people are starting to agree that there is at least some danger in using a cell phone.

There is also some danger in driving a car.

There is also some danger in playing in the sun.

There is also some danger in eating steak (unless someone around you knows the Heimlich maneuver).

The point is that many things in life are dangerous, but we learn to be safe and cautious to keep them in our lives.

In this case, it’s a matter of knowing good cell phone safety practices.

It’s recommended that you limit the amount of time that you spend actually talking on your cell phone. This keeps the cell phone from being in its most energetic state (making a voice call) near your very sensitive and delicate brain (which is just on the other side of your ear!). By minimizing the amount of time you are exposed to the cell phone radiation, you are minimizing your risk. This is much like the way we limit the amount of time we spend in the sun, to keep from getting sun burned and possibly skin cancer.

The next recommendation is to actually get some kind of shield that can protect you from the cell phone radiation that your cell phone is producing. This shield will also protect you from the energy that is being emitted from your phone at all times, regardless of what you are doing with it. All electronic devices emit some of this energy, but the amount is thought to be very low and thus, not as much cause for concern. But in our day we are subjected to so much technology that it adds up.

The best kind of shield you can get is also the most convenient and cheapest kind, which is a scalar energy product. These products block out the harmful radiation from cell phones and other electronic devices by providing a barrier between your body and the phone. This is kind of like the way sunscreen works as a barrier between your skin and the sun. The scalar energy products emit a type of energy that counteracts the harmful energy from cell phones. They are light and easy to carry on your person at all times, giving your maximum protection through the entire day, whether you are using your cell phone or not.

In today’s technological age it makes sense to be wary of untried and untested technology. Lead paint and mercury went unexamined for years because the effects take so long to be noticed. Electromagnetic radiation is following a similar path, and will soon probably be under more strict supervision and guidelines, just like dangerous lead and mercury are. In the meantime, practice good cell phone safety and protect yourself and your loved ones from dangerous electromagnetic radiation.