Who Should Use Pendant

Laptop/Computer/Cell Phone Users

  • Enjoy increased protection from harmful EMFs, resulting in improved energy levels following extended use of computers.
  • No more headaches or “hot ears” from cell phones.
  • Reduce eye fatigue and irritation from computer screen radiant glare.
  • Imagine the Peace of Mind you’ll now have whenever you’re using your cell phone or working at your laptop!


  • Experience Improved Flexibility, Strength, Energy and Circulation.
  • Runners go further!
  • Golfers improve your swing!
  • Acrobats/dancers maximize your flexibility, Body builders lift more weight right away! Regardless of your sport or activity — a scalar energy pendant WILL improve your results!
  • Numerous professional athletes use negative ion products to gain better results… why not you?

If You Have Chronic Fatigue/Low Energy

  • Improved immune function (live bloodcell microscopy have shown red blood cell clumping is immediately reduced when a quantum pendant is placed next to the blood sample).
  • Experience increased energy and improved resistance to infection when using a Quantum Pendant. Heightened resistance to EMFs will also reduce stress to your body’s cells, tissues and underlying immune system!
  • I wear mine everyday when I get up. If you suffer from Chronic Fatigue the biggest mistake you could make is NOT trying a Scalar Energy Pendant!

If you have Injuries or Pain in your body 

  • Pain reduction for Arthritis, Injuries and Joint Pain. Speed up the healing of injuries, reduce your recovery time. Improve Joint Strength and flexibility, reduce chance for re-injury.
  • Assists in the treatment of chronic pain states such as is found with many auto-immune disorders and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Just imagine how often pain creeps up and you WISH you had an effective way to treat it immediately!