EMF Protection Devices – What Really Works?

You’ve probably heard a lot of news coverage on the dangers of cell phones and the dangerous EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) that these phones emit. You may even have heard that there are EMF protection devices that can offer you some measure of protection without you having to give up your beloved technology. But is it true? And which products actually work?

It’s true that cell phones are dangerous.

A 2010 study showed a link between brain tumors and cell phone usage, and new studies are starting to show the mechanism by which this may be occurring. A 2011 study has detected the very subtle ways that cells produce their own EMF’s (of a different non-harmful frequency) to communicate. It’s theorized that harmful EMF’s from electronics interfere with the EMF’s of our cells. This causes all kinds of damage and miscommunication between cells, resulting in abnormal cell growth and death, and even cancer. It can alter the effectiveness of the blood-brain barrier, allowing toxins to enter the brain. It even causes abnormal brain activity that persists for hours after a call has ended.

But what can you do about it?

Smart phones are so important to us today that simply not using them seems extreme. We have the entire world at our finger tips now, for the first time in human history. Can we really give it all up for such a negligible risk? Texting, downloading, watching movies, listening to music, calling relatives, playing games… our phones are such an integral part of our lives. It may be true that the best EMF protection devices might be just turning it off – but that doesn’t solve anything. If not for the cell phone, we’d just get on our netbooks, our black berry’s, our television sets. EMF’s are everywhere today!

What we really need is a barrier.

Scalar energy products provide a barrier to EMF’s by cancelling out the energy of EMF’s. The waves frequency and amplitude help to dampen and extinguish harmful EMF’s close to the body. Scalar energy is a very natural and harmless form of energy that is found in high quantities in nature and especially deep in the earth. It is made by very natural and slow processes involving great pressure and heat. Objects that emit scalar energy do this by being made in this very particular fashion, combined with a Japanese technology.

The benefit of using scalar energy is that it is very easy to use. No electricity is required, nor is any big object of any kind required. An ionizer, which also emits the beneficial negative ions, can weigh hundreds of pounds and cost thousands of dollars. But most scalar energy products can fit in your hand and can be purchased for a fraction of that. They can be carried around all day and never need recharging or replacement.

These EMF protection devices are the very best solution on the market today.