Healing Stone Jewelry – How do they work?

Did you know that scientists are uncovering proof that healing stone jewelry actually has tangible health benefits?

Healing Stone JewelryAs our understanding of the human body expands, we are starting to realize that certain therapies are actually very beneficial, despite not coming directly from Western medicine practices. In Western medicine, most of our treatments are drugs and chemicals which act on the body basically in the same way, by acting as chemical messengers to our cells to change the way they behave. Some drugs, like lithium prescribed for bipolar depression for example, work even though we have literally no idea how its affecting our cells, it just seems to cure people with bipolar depression. (Many people have said that for years about healing stone jewelry)

Now we are starting to look at treatments holistically and starting to look at alternative treatments that don’t involve these chemical messengers, like using light therapy, massage, acupuncture, chiropractics, healing stone jewelry, etc.

While some have become more mainstream than others, there is still a lot of ground to cover and a lot of testing to be done before people are totally convinced of a lot of these alternative medicine practices.

Healing stone jewelry taps into the unexplored side of cell communication, which is energy field based instead of chemical based.

New Scientific Research

A 2011 study in Bioscience Trends Journal shows that cells use vibrations and electromagnetic energy to communicate instead of just passing chemicals back and forth.

It stands to reason that if we were able to tap into the chemical messaging process of cells, we should be able to figure out how to tap into those vibrations, too.

This helps explain why EMF’s from electronic devices have had a notorious track record for causing cancer and mysterious illness; they were interfering with normal cell communication much in the same way that a chemical poison interferes with cell communication. Sources of bad energy, like cell phones, laptops, maybe even negative people and places, can act like a poison on our cells just as tangibly and measurably as chemical poison.

Healing stone jewelry acts as the antidote to that poison by acting as a shield to these vibrations. Stones and crystals are imbued with natural good vibrations and energy from the processes in the Earth that it took to make them.

Electronic devices are notorious for being sources of bad energy that slowly turn everything around them into hotspots of negative energy, too.

Keeping natural stones in your home helps counterbalance this negative energy. This is something that societies and cultures have known for thousands of years, explaining it as hundreds of different religions and doctrines, but we’re just now starting to accumulate the proof. People who try it say there is no going back and that healing stone jewelry has changed their lives.

In the next decade we are going to start seeing more and more Western doctors prescribing “alternative” treatments and cures to their patients, including the use of gemstones and natural rocks.