Healing Stone Necklaces – How do they work?

How can a healing stone necklace have any effect on a human body?

That’s the question that just may have been answered by a new study in Bioscience Trends Journal.

Scientists in the study have proposed that our cells actually create and use electromagnetic energy fields to communicate from cell to cell, and even go so far as to wonder if it works at the organismal level, meaning that humans and animals send out electromagnetic energy to each other as a means of communication, much in the same way that we use pheromones without being able to consciously know it.

Instead of just relying on messages made of chemical packages, cells actually communicate at super fast speeds using energy fields. Many questions have been raised by this study, like what happens if the communication gets interrupted or garbled?

Perhaps the effects of various types of energetic fields (like EMF’s from cell phones and radiation) are causing damage by disrupting the energy communication of our cells instead of by other proposed mechanisms. If this is true, then it’s more important than ever to protect ourselves from anything that interferes with the natural energy exchange in our cells. That means that everything from watching tv, to using a computer, to even talking on a cell phone is actually putting our bodies at a huge health risk.

Right now there isn’t a lot we can do to get away from the electromagnetic fields of our urban settings; it’s not practical for most of us to sell the house, quit the job, and move into a tent in the woods. Nor is it a good idea to wear a lead apron around town.

However, it’s been proposed that something just as good as (or maybe even better than) wearing a lead apron is wearing a piece of energy jewelry, that is, jewelry that emits its own energy that is beneficial for your cells and/or that helps to cancel out or block negative EMF’s around you. Healing stone necklaces work by emitting an energy field of their own which are thought to harmonize with the energy your cells use, helping the signals get through more clearly and more quickly. Scalar energy pendants do this too, but are also thought to use negative ionization to protect from harmful energy fields that come from living in a highly technological society.

cells just as tangibly and measurably as chemical poison.

Healing stone jewelry acts as the antidote to that poison by acting as a shield to these vibrations. Stones and crystals are imbued with natural good vibrations and energy from the processes in the Earth that it took to make them.

Electronic devices are notorious for being sources of bad energy that slowly turn everything around them into hotspots of negative energy, too.

Keeping natural stones in your home helps counterbalance this negative energy. This is something that societies and cultures have known for thousands of years, explaining it as hundreds of different religions and doctrines, but we’re just now starting to accumulate the proof. People who try it say there is no going back and that healing stone jewelry has changed their lives.

In the next decade we are going to start seeing more and more Western doctors prescribing “alternative” treatments and cures to their patients, including the use of gemstones and natural rocks.

and unproven, but perhaps it is related to quantum energy, which is receiving a lot of study right now. However it works, metaphysical stones are used by millions of people the world over to manage pain, reduce depression and stress, and live happier, fuller lives.