Quantum Pendant Australia – A Global Perspective

There are a lot of places that are known for their support of the quantum pendant, Australia is one of them. Japan is another, which is no wonder considering that the quantum pendant was born in Japan. The truth is that all over the world people are beginning to believe in the healing properties of the quantum pendant.

Some countries and cultures are more open-minded than our own when it comes to new medicinal practices. Western medicine even tends to downplay the efficacy of time and clinically tested herbal medicines that work as well as if not better than the more expensive synthetic solutions we’ve come up with. There’s not a lot of money in herbs, but there’s tons of money in man-made synthetic patentable drugs.


It’s really no wonder that the pharmaceutical industry wants us to rely on their drugs; it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s an industry that comes out with a new allergy pill every time the patent runs out that isn’t necessarily any better than the old one, it’s just new and more profitable. The same thing happens with acid reflux and depression medications.

Anything that isn’t super profitable gets shouted down and downplayed. However quantum pendants, like many herbal medicines, have clinically proven benefits.

The negative ions that quantum pendants produce are shown to increase mood and well-being in just one hour. The best depression medication requires six weeks before any effects are seen and the success rate with a first antidepressant is under 20%.

Many countries are starting to notice the quantum pendant: Australia, Japan, Great Britain… will America be next?

Some traditional medicines are slowly becoming more accepted here in America, like chiropractics, acupuncture, and massage. However we have a long way to go before doctors start prescribing quantum pendants. If doctors did prescribe scalar energy products they would most likely see a decrease in patients, particularly in the mental health department. As cynical as it sounds, if a doctor could fix you 100% forever without needing another checkup, would they do it and put themselves out of business? No, they would help you, but make you keep coming back. In the same way that the drug industry has us always coming back for something else once our body adapts to the drug.


Quantum energy pendants will never wear out or need replacing. Scalar energy is infinitely plentiful and beneficial to the body. A pendant really could change your life in a much more substantial way than any antidepressant if you give it a chance. It’s uncanny the way that people react to the pendant, even when they don’t know the pendant is there! So many peoples from all over the world are trying the quantum pendant, Australia, Japan… etc… try it out for yourself!