50th birthday gift ideas 2011 – Unique, Unusual & Healthy!

Do you need unique 50th birthday gift ideas? 2011 is a great time to be getting older because of all of the great technologies and medical breakthroughs that are happening all the time. One of the most thoughtful presents you can give is a gift that unlocks some of these features and benefits for a loved one who may not be fully up to date on all of the newest gadgets and info. The best gifts are those that really benefit the recipient’s life.


Some people may worry that giving a gift that addresses health or aging issues may be considered rude, but in reality most people are delighted to learn about new things that will increase their energy, vitality, overall health, or appearance. Gifts that are healthy show that you care about a person, not that you are nosey. Help the ones that you love improve their lives!


These are just some of the many new technologies and breakthroughs that you can consider as great birthday present ideas:

  • Scalar energy products – for increased youthful energy
  • Antioxidant and anti-aging supplements
  • New water bottles that energize and purify regular H2O
  • Light therapy devices
  • Books about emerging health and anti-aging research
  • Ionization therapy products

One of the new technologies that is just coming over the horizon is ionization therapy. One of the most unique 50th birthday gift ideas of 2011 is purchasing a device for ionization therapy.

This is basically a treatment that bombards a person with negatively charged ions. These negative ions act almost like vitamin supplements in assisting our cells carry out their every day actions, but on a much broader level.


Ions are used in every single thing that our body does; if it requires energy, then negative ions can help to do it. Negative ions are the natural state of ions out in nature, which is why you’ll find a lot of them if you hike around the woods or stand near a waterfall – if you’ve ever felt rejuvenated by being out in the wilderness and didn’t know why, it may have had to do with these ions!

Negative ions are a clinically proven treatment for depression, seasonal affective disorder, other mood and emotional disorders, as well as speeding up healing, boosting immune function, and providing more energy in the body.


Our cities and office buildings with all of the electronics, machines, and pollutants tend to have very few negative ions in the air because electronics give off mainly positive ions. This is why exposing yourself to negative ions is a good thing, particularly for computer enthusiasts.


Though this new technology is often pricey with large ionizers for the home or office costing hundreds of dollars, a personal ionizer can be the perfect present with its much more affordable price. Quantum pendants are actually ionizers you can wear on your person! They are created with Japanese technology to emit negative ions indefinitely using a type of energy called scalar energy.


The added benefit of wearing a personal ionizer is actually being protected from the positive ions and the electro-magnetic energy of electronic devices like cell phones, televisions, and computers, no matter where you go. Since it can be worn around the neck or as a bracelet or even slipped into the pocket, quantum pendants are one of the 50th birthday gift ideas for 2011 birthdays that will be appreciated for its convenience, usefulness, and all the positive health benefits that come with it.

Be the first of your circle of friends and family to gift this unusual and unique piece of jewelry!