Are Cell Phones Dangerous – Is There Protection?

One of the first questions on everyone’s mind in this technological age is, “Are cell phones dangerous?” We spend so much time practically connected at the hip to our mobile devices these days. We use them for email, writing notes, taking pictures, getting directions, looking at maps, downloading files, listening to music, instant messaging, and also, sometimes, as an actual phone! It would be negligent to completely ignore these devices since we spend so much time with them. It doesn’t look like there could be any danger, nor do they emit any sounds, odors, sensations, or even much heat that would lead one to think there could be danger, but that danger is present nonetheless.

Cell phones use radio waves to make connections to other cellular phones and landlines which allow you to talk and listen when you dial out or receive a call. These radio waves are a type of energy that can be visualized as a “wave,” much in the same way that we know that sounds can be visualized on a computer or TV screen as “waves.” These radio waves are a different frequency from sound waves, so our ears don’t pick them up, but our phones do.

Our phones also emit very concentrated energy whenever it is in use as a consequence of running off of a battery. These signals are similar to the radio waves, in that they can be viewed as wave-like.

Are cell phones dangerous?


These waves can actually damage our cells.

This happens much in the way that UV rays, which can also be seen as a type of energy wave, can have a negative impact on our cells, causing damage and eventually cancer. Good thing for us we invented SPF sunscreens that block out the UV rays from ever getting to our skin, thus preventing damage. Similarly, we use lead aprons to protect ourselves from x-rays when at the dentist office.

But what can we do about the dangerous energy that comes from cell phones?

Scalar energy is another type of energy “wave” that can actually counteract the type of energy that cell phones put out. It can act as a barrier between you and your cell phone by stopping the cell phone radio waves from entering your cells. The way to generate scalar energy around your person, thus protecting you from your cell phone, is just a matter of purchasing a product that emits scalar energy waves. Many products can be found that emit scalar energy, and all of them can be used to protect you from harmful energy waves. Are cell phones dangerous is no longer a question, but at least you don’t have to be afraid.