Cell Phone Dangers – Can You Protect Yourself?

It’s been all over the news: Cell phone dangers!

Brain tumors!



It might seem a little sensationalist, but there is good reason to be cautious.

A famous 10-year study in 2010 started to put the pieces together and make a case for the truth to the old rumor that cell phones could give you brain cancer. It was a subject joked about for so long on television, in movies, and even in musical parody, that most of us have waved it off much in the same way we waved off the dangers of smoking tobacco for so long before finally coming to our senses. In the time it took for us to realize the dangers of smoking were very real, millions of people had to die.

Do you want to be one of those people who help the rest of society wise up?

You probably would rather live.

From leading scientists to the World Health Organization, everyone is crying out about cell phone dangers, but what are we really supposed to do? In the current cultural climate, for most peoplebeing without a cell phone is akin to social suicide.

Giving up our link to the outside world, to our friends and family, to the news media and all of our modern amenities that the internet provides, is unthinkable for many of us. Smart phones are quickly integrating themselves as permanent fixtures in our daily lives. They’ve made everything so easy and accessible, it’d be very hard to give them up now after having a taste of how great it can be.

And yet, cell phones are dangerous. So what is there to do?

The best thing to do is of course, to give up your cellular phone. But as I said before, for most people this is unthinkable. And even if you were to give up your cell phone, in our modern age, being surrounded by so much technology and electronics, you’d probably be exposed to almost as much of the dangerous energy without a cell phone anyway! Taking away the cell phone only delays the problem, it doesn’t address the issue of the EMF’s (electromagnetic waves) that are to blame.

Is it possible to block EMF’s?

Current technology has an answer to protecting yourself from EMF’s without getting rid of the electronics that produce them. Scalar energy devices produce a type of energy that will actually cancel out and block harmful EMF’s. The energy waves and negative ions produced act like a shield against EMF’s, much in the same way that SPF acts as a shield against UV rays.

It’s really as simple as making sure that you have enough of these scalar waves and negative ions to counterbalance all of the EMF’s that you are exposed to, minimizing the cell phone dangers that we are all so afraid of. Don’t find yourself one of the many who will be caught unaware and unprepared in this waiting epidemic of cancer and other diseases.

Protect yourself starting now.