Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men – 2011 Christmas Ideas

It can be a real challenge to gift shop for men, thankfully the best christmas gift ideas for men in 2011 are here to help aid you in your search! Why not focus on getting them something that is a no-brainer that they would NEVER think of yet will benefit from for years to come! The answer is simple. The best Christmas gift idea for men in 2011 is a Scalar Energy Pendant. Get one for each and every male on your list and “boom” your Christmas shopping is complete.

You’re probably wondering what’s so special about this pendant? There are many things but lets begin by explaining what it’s made of. The Quantum Scalar Pendant is made from negatively charged ionic Japanese volcanic lava. It contains over 70 naturally occurring minerals that emit energy of different kinds. 

These energies benefits the body in numerous ways. The #1 benefit is the negative ions that are produced by the Scalar Pendant as a result. Negative ions present MANY health benefits to human beings, the pendant is able to provide these benefits on a continuous basis.

The natural energy that is created by the earth is called scalar energy. It poses no negative side effects whatsoever and helps to improve your bodies own energy. It creates bio-energy that assists your body in all of its functions such as metabolism and detoxification. It can be worn around your neck as a pendant or carried in a pocket. It affects the human body both internally as well as externally.

Internally, it improves physiological functions within all of the body’s cells. Externally, it serves to repel the positively charged ions created by appliances and other electronic devices that are present in our everyday lives which contribute to poor health.

The Scalar Pendant will ward off all of the positively charged ions that are released by the various technologies in today’s society. Things such as laptop computers, heating and air conditioning, cell phones and televisions all give off harmful EMF’s. There is no escaping it. These EMF’s are absorbed into the body and wreak all kinds of havoc. The Scalar Pendant will counteract these EMF’s and destroy them. In doing so, it is also beneficial in that you will experience:

• Increased energy levels
• Better mood
• Enhanced brain function
• Improved oxygenation in the body

The Scalar Energy Pendant has a lifespan of over 1000 years; consequently, there is no reason for you to believe that it will just stop working one day. It is through its synergetic properties that it tends to maintain its natural abilities. In addition to being called a “Scalar Pendant”, it is also known as an “Energy Pendant”, a “Bio Pendant” and a “Chi Pendant”.

It is no wonder why the Japanese tend to have long life spans since Japan is surrounded by volcanic rock. The many health benefits of the scalar energy which is released by this volcanic rock have affected the Japanese people in very positive ways. Because the Scalar Energy Pendant has come directly from these volcanoes in Japan, they have the ability to provide the same benefits to the recipients as to the people in Japan that reside near the volcanoes. There are countless benefits as well as many illnesses that these pendants help with, but here are just a few.

• Arthritis
• Strains and sprains
• Bruises
• Headaches
• Upper and lower backache pain
• Inflammation
• Muscular pain

It is no wonder why these Quantum Scalar Pendants are the best Christmas gift ideas for men in 2011. If you desire to give a gift that keeps on giving, then this is your solution.