Best Gift For Health Nuts – Best Christmas Gift in 2011

So just what is the best gift for health nuts this year? Energy healing is an up-and-coming focus in the world of alternative medicine and one that many “health nuts” swear by. A very handy and stylish way to enjoy energy healing is to use energy jewelry like the Scalar Energy Pendant. The negative ions emitted by energy jewelry benefit the wearer in every way and promote great health and high energy. What could be a better Christmas gift for the health nut on your list?

We have all heard of the healing effects of some kinds of gems and stones like amethyst, quartz, moonstones etc. You may not realize that there is actually credence to these beliefs, and it seems to be especially true for very sensitive people and those who take great care to guard their health. It is believed that these stones work by balancing the energy around a person and calming the frenetic energy emitted by the many technological devices that surround us all in modern society.

While many people may scoff at the effectiveness of energy therapy, the fact is, it is proven. There has been a large amount of positive responses from those who have actually tried it. In addition to helping people in these woeful circumstances, energy therapy has been found to provide relief to people suffering from depression, chronic pain and even seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

You may have heard of energy jewelry in the past; however, it has only been in recent years that it has really begun to catch on. This is due to the fact that some serious scientific studies have been conducted that have proven the efficacy of this form of therapy.

5 Reasons a Scalar Energy Pendant is the Best Gift for Health Nuts

Protects against EMFS
Boosts Energy Levels
Helps Detoxify the Body
Reduces Inflammation and Pain

Who could ask for anything more in the perfect gift for your favorite health nut?

It is made of Japanese volcanic lava that has been processed specially to emit a high level of negative ions. This concentrated scalar energy affects the wearer in a number of positive ways. People who use the Scalar Energy Pendant report higher levels of energy, faster healing, increased optimism and more.

The Scalar Energy Pendant has been shown to have a positive effect on people suffering, not only from SAD and depression, but even those suffering from chronic fatigue and various environmental sensitivities. So regardless of the state of being that your favorite health nut is in, it has something it can do for them!

The Scalar Energy Pendant boosts energy and optimism through the healing effects of negative ion production. When you leave the technological world and stroll deep into the woods, stand beside the ocean, or atop a mountain, you are surrounded by negative ions. We have all had the experience of stepping outside after (or during) a storm and taking a deep only to feel invigorated immediately afterwards.

Negative ion therapy, as produced by the unique and stylish Scalar Energy Pendant promotes good health. It lifts depression, quells anger, and even helps wounds heal faster by accelerating cell function! Thanks to the body’s natural response to the presence of negative ions, the wearer of a beautiful Scalar Energy Pendant will naturally take in more oxygen, heightening the functioning of every part of the body. A Scalar Energy Pendant is easily the best gift for health nuts this Christmas in 2011 and year round!