Bio Scalar Energy Pendant

Along with the research and studies on electromagnetic fields or EMFs, this was developed as its potentials and interesting health benefits continued to be realized.

Two decades ago electromagnetic fields brought controversy when questions sprang seeking to know if EMF  from electric power wires, house wirings, radars from airports and military, power substations, transformers, computers, laptops and appliances caused birth defects, miscarriages, brain tumors, leukemia, chronic fatigue, cataracts, headaches, heart problems, stress. nausea, chest pain, forgetfulness, cancer and other health problems.

To address these concerns over one hundred studies had been conducted worldwide.  By 1990, at least twenty four human epidemiological studies indicated a link between electromagnetic fields and serious medical conditions.  In response to the growing public concern and pressure, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began to review and to evaluate all the available literature.

Alongside these events scalar energy, the foundation of the Quantum Science Bio Scalar energy pendant was discovered to counteract the electromagnetic fields and thereby sparing living organisms in very close proximity to scalar energy sources from the ill effects of EMF.

Electromagnetic fields and scalar energy are not recent phenomenon.  In the mid 1800 theoretical physicist and mathematician James Clerk Maxwell might as well have identified these.  Nikola Tesla, another mathematician and a mechanical engineer demonstrated the existence of scalar energy. However, upon Tesla’s death, the interest on scalar energy also waned and it took almost a full century later as science once again turned to scalar energy to explore its potentials.

The threat posed by electromagnetic fields to human health is undoubtedly real.  One only needs to see the ever increasing cases of cancer, birth defects, chronic fatigue as our environment at an unbridled rate progress technologically.  Science provides us with the knowledge as a way of understanding the balance in our environment, as a way of setting a disrupted order back in harmony and a perfect example is the Quantum Science Bio Scalar energy pendant.