Birthday Gift Ideas for Men 2011 – Unique, Cool and Healthy!

When that special someone’s birthday rolls around, it can feel like a big challenge coming up with great birthday gift ideas for men, 2011 being no exception. To try to help you out a little and make the decision making process a little less painful, I’ve come up with a list of cool and unique ideas, and then I’m going to go into detail about one of them to explain what makes it such a good present for any man in your life.

  • Scalar Energy Pendants
  • Nike Plus gear for iPod owners
  • Relaxing Massage Pillows
  • Energizing Water Bottles

You may be wondering about why I chose the ideas above as great birthday gift Ideas for men 2011. To help you through my thought process and give you some more information, I’ll talk about the scalar energy pendant listed above and try to point out all of the things that made me choose it as a great gift idea.

What makes the scalar energy pendant such a good gift idea?

The first thing that I considered when looking for gift ideas was something that is needed. Nothing is worse than a present that you don’t need and have no use for. The last thing that we all need is more junk and clutter in our already overstuffed homes and lives. So make sure that any gift you are considering isn’t just going to sit on a dusty shelf and be forgotten or even tossed out in a few months.

The best place to look for unfulfilled needs is in the arena of personal health. Although some people may feel that purchasing a gift that addresses health needs may be seen as too intrusive, but the truth is that we all should care about the health of our loved ones and in the end we’d all appreciate knowing that someone is looking out for us and really cares about keeping us happy and healthy.

The scalar energy pendant is something that addresses our health in a very direct way because it is a special and unique device that emits powerful negative ions.

Negative ions are specialized particles that our body naturally needs and uses in all of its cells. In nature negative ions are everywhere in the environment and air that we’re in and breathing. However electronics tend to put out a lot of positive ions which are a less energetic particle that displace the negative ions. As a result, our homes and offices tend to be devoid of negative ions, so adding them back into our bodies is a necessary goal.

The scalar energy pendant emits negative ions and scalar energy which energize our cells leading to proven increases in our cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological systems. Negative ions are used clinically to treat depression and a wide range of other conditions. The scalar energy pendant is a utilitarian and easy way to use this powerful form of therapy in your own life.

For increased energy and overall health, nothing beats how great the scalar energy pendant works with no effort or maintenance. Men are just as health conscious as women and are more likely to appreciate the usefulness of this pendant along with the traditional and classic look which makes it uniquely unisex and super wearable. These are the things that make the scalar energy pendant one of the best birthday gift ideas for men, 2011.