Birthday Gift Ideas for Women 2011 – Unique, Cool and Healthy!

Finding unique, cool, and healthy birthday gift ideas for women 2011 can be a really difficult endeavor due to the immense amount of pressure we put on finding the perfect birthday present for our loved ones. Using the internet to search for gifts can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of products out there. That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of providing you with a list of characteristics to look for in great gift ideas.

  • Choose timeless jewelry

Jewelry is a great gift for women, but it’s important to choose something that will appeal to her and isn’t too tacky. If you choose something you love, but she hates, you’re not really getting a very good present. Choosing something timeless and practical ensures that she won’t feel like it’s completely unwearable and it will make her a happy recipient. Simple lines, traditional metal finishes, and the sleek design of classic pendants are good places to start.

  • Don’t buy perishables

Flowers, candy, food, candles… these are all bad gifts! They are gifts that will probably be thrown away in short order rather than enjoyed and used for a long period of time. Flowers literally wilt and die before your recipient’s eyes — why did that morbid display ever become such a staple when it comes to gifts for women? Things like this lack permanence. Furthermore, consumables can come across as a lazy solution and many women do not want to receive candy due to their specialized diets.

  • Think healthy

Giving a gift that helps your recipient stay healthy is one definite way to give one of the best birthday gift ideas for women 2011 has ever seen! Something that’s new, unique, and healthy isn’t your run of the mill gift, it’s better because it’s unique and useful. It’s something that says that you honestly care about the woman you’re giving it to.

  • Example perfect gift: Scalar Energy Pendant

The scalar energy pendant encapsulates all of the guidelines I laid out above which makes it an ideal present for women. The fact that it is jewelry is a plus, but it is also incredibly useful and practical, which is fairly tough to find in jewelry. Additionally the jewelry itself is very classic and traditional, something that is universally wearable. The scalar energy pendant is primarily something that improves the wearer’s health and energy.

Scalar energy pendants emit negative ions which our body uses to perform every function. They are used on a very small scale to energize the cells in our tissues and increase the action potential across membranes. In nature there are plenty of negative ions, but they have become scarce in our homes and cities that tend to block them out and fill the air with opposite positive ions which come from our electronics and electromagnetic radiations. For this reason, getting more negative ions into our body should be a priority.

For all of these reasons, the scalar energy pendant is one of the best birthday gift ideas for women 2011  has to offer! Choose something healthy and fashionable to ensure that your recipient knows just how much you care about them.