Crystal Healing Pendants – New Evidence

A 2011 study that was just published in BioScience Trends Journal finally reveals the biological mechanism through which crystal healing pendants work.

Up until now scientists have criticized the use of stones and crystals for healing due to lack of explanation for how they work – how can an object held outside the body affect what is going on inside it?

Some people have gone so far as to call this alternative medicine a scam.

Just as electricity and magnetism were at first dismissed as implausible insanity, the idea of a “biofield” or a field of energy that surrounds the body and which it uses to function has received mostly criticism, despite its ancient roots.

Cultures have long believed in an energy in the body, whether calling it Qi, a soul, spirit, an aura, chakras, bio-energy, or one of a million other names, and now it looks like we’re actually seeing it at work. If such an energy field exists, then it makes sense that there also exist things that can affect or change that energy, in this case, crystal healing pendants.

The 2011 Study Results

Crystal Healing PendantsWe can now see cells using energy fields to communicate, giving plausibility to the idea that energy might affect our cells; if something were to change the energy communication, the function of the cells could change for the better or for the worse depending on what kind of energy disruption it is. Electromagnetic fields have been shown to have a negative effect on our cells in the same way that the energy from crystals and stones have been shown to have a positive effect on our cells.

It is thought that EMF’s from cell phones and electronics disrupt and distort the signals our healthy cells try to send, while stones, crystals, and scalar energy realign and reinforce the natural vibrations between cells.

The positive energy from crystal healing pendants acts as a barrier to negative energy.

There is an entirely new field emerging called Bioelectromagnetics which deals with how these energy fields interact within a body and even within an ecosystem.  So far tests are showing the benefits of using energy fields for pain management and mood disturbances, but with time more uses will probably be identified and supported.


Black obsidian has many of its uses connected to Native American lore whereby its power for reducing sadness and depression comes from the widowed wives of warriors.

There are literally hundreds of possibilities when it comes to gemstone healing, and though the most widely used types have typically had the most success, the most important thing is what it does for you personally. The best advice is to go to a shop that specializes in crystals, gemstones and other rocks and actually spend some time holding some pieces in hand. Many people find they have instant attractions and reactions to specific rocks, so taking a friend who is sensitive may help you pick out a piece.

ess of it being made in the Earth, or it can be imbued into it by concentration forces, like the practice of Reiki, wherein a master is able to direct his or her meditation into an object or through the air to affect change.

The exact form of this energy is unknown and unproven, but perhaps it is related to quantum energy, which is receiving a lot of study right now. However it works, metaphysical stones are used by millions of people the world over to manage pain, reduce depression and stress, and live happier, fuller lives.