Gemstone Healing – Best Stones for Healing

Using gemstones for healing is an ancient practice which bases its efficacy on the premise that all things have their own energy fields which can affect the energy fields of things around it.

Gemstones, stones, crystals, etc have a positive energy field that harmonizes with the energy fields of humans, promoting health and well-being.

Different stones and crystals have different energy fields which are supposedly good for different purposes. Their assigned purposes have been established from hundreds and even thousands of years of trial and error, much in the same way that herbs and homeopathic recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, even if they didn’t fully understand why certain treatments and cures worked, they just knew that they worked.

That being said, the same thing might not work for everyone. Even something like an antibiotic is never 100% effective all the time, some people are allergic to it and some illnesses mysteriously don’t respond like they should.  You should always try a crystal or gemstone out for yourself to make sure that it does what it is supposed to. The main benefit of using gemstone healing is that it is a natural, holistic, gentle approach that doesn’t have the harsh effects of the antibiotics used in the example above, nor will you have to worry about allergies or negative side effects.

Gemstones to Try

The most commonly used stones are in many cases the stones that people have had to experiment with the longest and in the highest quantities.

The effects of amber, for example, have been explored and proclaimed widely because it is relatively easy to come by. The process making amber is also unique, so it is said to imbue it with unique energy qualities that help ground you and connect you to nature. Many people feel an increase in general energy and mental clarity while wearing or holding amber, and it’s often said to have wound healing properties.

Another very commonly used stone is amethyst, which is often associated with stress release and issues of the spirit, such as going through particularly rough times or having a midlife crisis. It is used therefore by people who want to experience a clearer sense of purpose and connection to the divine.

Black obsidian has many of its uses connected to Native American lore whereby its power for reducing sadness and depression comes from the widowed wives of warriors.

There are literally hundreds of possibilities when it comes to gemstone healing, and though the most widely used types have typically had the most success, the most important thing is what it does for you personally. The best advice is to go to a shop that specializes in crystals, gemstones and other rocks and actually spend some time holding some pieces in hand. Many people find they have instant attractions and reactions to specific rocks, so taking a friend who is sensitive may help you pick out a piece.