Crystals for Healing: Do Our Bodies Respond to Energy Fields?

Even though most people dismiss the thought of using crystals for healing out of hand, it’s a topic that requires some thought and due consideration.

The basic idea behind the use of crystals and stones is that they have some tangible effect on our body’s energy field which increases our health, decreases our stress levels, and other specific claims depending in the specific crystal or stone used. To many of us hearing this for the first time, it sounds pretty dubious, but stopping to consider the evidence will provide you with food for thought.

The idea that our body’s generate a specific energy field which is sensitive to outside interference from other energy fields, whether they are from stones and crystals, other people, or electromagnetic fields from computers and television sets, is nothing new.

Cultures and societies for thousands of years have used this model to explain human physiology with great success.

Western medicine has traditionally rejected these claims as bogus or science fiction, but as our ability to image the human body has become more and more sophisticated, scientists are starting to be absolutely startled at finding evidence for this type of “energy field” that alternative health professionals have been using for years.

New studies being done find that beyond the chemical messaging our cells use to communicate (where one cell sends out Chemical A which is detected by another cell, which tells that cell to do something specific), our cells use electromagnetic fields to communicate.

That’s right, they somehow are able to use electromagnetic vibrations to talk to each other.

This finding goes against hundreds of years of Western medicine dogma, where everything boils down to particles: big things are made of smaller things which are made of smaller things which are made of smaller things, end of story. Energy is always thought of as chemical energy and signals are always chemical signals. Alternative medicine uses crystals for healing by tapping into energy fields. Our therapies are always based on chemical signaling instead, always being drugs and chemicals that we put in our bodies to change the way our cells act.

It turns out though that there is definitely a measurable force that our bodies use to communicate within it that is not just particle based, its energy field based.

These energy fields can be affected by all kinds of things, including the energy fields of other, outside objects. Science has already proven the dangers of the electromagnetic fields our computers, televisions, microwaves, and other electronic devices. These energy fields interfere with our cells, causing damage and abnormal activity which often results in tumors.

The evidence is clear when it comes to what is dangerous.

But what about energy fields that are harmonious with our body’s fields?

What about strengthening our body’s energy field?

The evidence is less dramatic, but lots of studies have supported the self-reported effects of using traditional tools for improving our body’s energy fields like crystals, stones, gemstones, and scalar energy jewelry. We are only beginning to get a clear idea of how these things work, but the evidence is increasingly proving that it does in fact work. Using crystals for healing may take some trial and error on your part to find out what works best for you, but it is something worth investigating.