Do Quantum Science Pendants Really Work?

If you have heard of Quantum Science Pendants then you must have some idea of the many health benefits of wearing one. However, you may also have heard of people in the industry of selling the pendants discrediting some of them as fakes. Have you ever stopped to question why they do this? Firstly let’s have a closer look at what the pendants are and then discuss why someone would discredit them.


The Quantum Science Pendant is constructed from volcanic ceramics – solidified lava collected from specific volcanoes in Japan, which are known to give off tremendous amounts of scalar energy. The people living in the surrounding areas live extremely long lives, many of them over 100 years, and this is largely believed to be a result of scalar energy.


The scalar energy emitted from the pendant converts the body’s heat energy into bio-energy, which positively affects the metabolic functions. It reduces the harmful effects of EMF energy (those energies emitted from cell phones, power lines, computers and other technologies); while internally it boosts cellular health and function. The wearer will notice increased energy levels, strength and immunity, faster recovery from wounds and other injuries, improved concentration and focus, reduced stress and that they sleep more deeply and feel more rested upon waking.

Do Quantum Science Pendants Really Work?

So if wearing one of these pendants can have an amazing effect on the body; why would people within the industry choose to call some of them fakes? Quite simply, by calling other brands of pendant fakes, and promoting theirs as the “real thing”, customers are more likely to purchase their pendants. Consider breakfast cereal: name brand cereal and no-name brand cereal are manufactured in the same factory using the same raw materials. The only difference is the packaging. The name brand cereal is advertised as being the tastiest and healthiest, so the customer chooses the brand name cereal over the no-name brand, even though it is marked at a higher price. By marketing the name brand product effectively they create desire (for tasty, healthy cereal) and therefore sell more of the product.


Then there are people who simply refuse to believe in any alternative therapies even though they know nothing about them. Next time you are faced with one of these people ask if they believe in acupuncture, Reiki or energy healing. They will probably reply that they don’t. Everyone is free to hold their own beliefs, but will you still value the opinion of someone whose beliefs are the complete opposite of your own?


If you are still questioning whether or not the pendant works, visit and read the testimonials. Otherwise the best way is to try one yourself. Within minutes of putting it one you will notice reduced stress and increased energy levels. What are you waiting for? Order your Quantum Science Pendant now and start reaping the benefits of scalar energy.