EMF Pendants – What EMF Pendants Really Work?

What EMF pendants really work is a common question when you’re searching for something to help protect you against harmful EMF radiation. Surely you’ve noticed many sites will tout their products’ benefits, but can you really take them at face value? There’s a great way to know for sure what EMF pendants work! But before we go into the muscle test, let’s go through how EMF pendants work to fight EMF.

How do EMF Pendants Really Work?

Scalar energy is positive energy that exists without negative ions, and unlike many forms of energy, it won’t change forms when it passes through another object. This makes scalar energy pendants an excellent form of protection against EMF energy and harmful radiation. It radiates from the center, creating a shield of energy around the wearer that blocks out electromagnetic fields. But since you can’t see this energy, or even EMF, you have to have a way to test EMF pendants.

The Muscle Test

We’ll only go into the basics in this article about testing if an EMF pendant really works. This test will work with any brand or type of emf or scalar pendant, so even if you don’t buy from us, you’ll know if you have the real deal. For this test you will need a cell phone, a friend to test you, and a pendant (if you have one).

First, stick your arm out straight in front of you, and point straight ahead. Have your friend push down on your arm enough to make you resist (push back) but not hard enough where it hurts you. Remember not to bend your elbows. Take a note of how far your arm moves down and how hard it is for you to resist.

Now, to show how EMF can affect you! Pick up your cellphone in your opposite hand, and place it over your chest. Repeat the steps you did earlier, and you’ll notice that it’s a lot harder to resist without strain or pain. This proves EMF is something you need to worry about.

If you already have a pendant to test, place it around your neck. Now, repeat all the previous steps while holding the cell phone, and you’ll notice that you can keep your balance! The energy pendant will block harmful EMF radiation from your body and you won’t have as much stress on your limbs. When this happens, you know you’ve got the real deal. If it doesn’t, it looks like you will be needing a refund!