Energy Jewelry – How it Can Help You!

One of the newest crazes in alternative medicine seems to be focusing on the ever expanding world of energy healing. Energy jewelry is said to work by emitting a type of energy that is beneficial to our bodies. Much in the same way that microwave radiation can be harmful to our cells, this type of energy is good for them.

Certain types of stones and gems have always gotten attention as being potential healers, particularly for people who are sensitive to different kinds of energy. People who always feel better when they’re out of the house or away from all of the technological devices that so permeate our lives are said to be sensitive to energies, too. Many of these people have found relief using the energies in stones to help counteract some of the negative energies in our homes.

It’s not just phony baloney pseudoscience. It’s actually very widely accepted, with many studies that back up everything about this type of healing.

Studies have shown that it’s useful in treating chemotherapy patients and the chronically ill. It provides relief for mysterious pain and depression. This type of energy is even approved for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder!

The very same thing that the quantum pendant does (one of the best pieces of energy jewelry out there) is used for treating autism, depression, and SAD. It’s clinically shown to be therapeutically equivalent to more “established” or “traditional” western medicine treatments. That’s something to think about!

The quantum pendant emits negative ions which are shown to be effective at treating a wide range of maladies, disorders, and conditions. Scientists are hard at work adding to the body of evidence that says that this is something worth investigating further and perhaps using in all hospitals and doctor’s offices. It’s been used successfully to treat depression and anger, with improvement showing almost immediately after exposure. It’s also been used to increase wound healing time!

The negative ions from this type of energy boost the functioning of our cells. In our skin cells, it promotes rapid healing and turnover. In our brain, it promotes easier connections and calmer mood. In our respiratory system it helps us deliver oxygen more efficiently to all parts of our body.

Energy jewelry has been in use for a really long time, but it’s only now starting to get some of the attention that it deserves. New studies that are published almost weekly in peer reviewed academic journals are lending support to the claims made by both sellers and wearers of this jewelry. The most adamant claims are from many thousands of wearers who attribute a major positive change in their life, oftentimes in the form of a cure for mysterious and vague symptoms, to the jewelry.