Energy Necklace – Does it work?

Is it possible that one tiny thing could change your life?

No, I’m not talking about the newest craze of self-help philosophies, nor a new miracle drug from a huge pharmaceutical company. I’m talking about a piece of jewelry! An energy necklace that can protect us from harmful radiation and ionization from all our electric equipment. Is it possible that this necklace could actually do anything?

The answer is that it does!

How often do you find yourself sitting in front of your computer, plugging away at your emails or some work from the office, feeling absolutely exhausted, cranky, and mentally foggy?

How often do you find yourself sitting on the couch watching television, feeling like all of the energy has been drained out of you and like you’re just too tired to do the dishes, water the lawn, or any number of every day tasks?

Have you ever gone camping or hiking? Have you ever noticed how clean and fresh the air smells and feels? How it almost seems to give you energy and make you feel better? Isn’t there something calming, relaxing, and rejuvenating about being out in the middle of a forest that you just can’t feel even in your own home?

There’s no coincidence.

And believe it or not, an energy necklace can help you feel like you’re out in the woods all day long. It can keep you from feeling overly tired or frustrated when you’re working on the computer and can give you increased energy to get done everything that should get done in your day.

The reason why we feel so crummy when we’re in the city, in our homes, and at work, is that all our electric equipment radiates a subtle electromagnetic frequency (EMF) that slowly hurts our bodies. Our cells are bombarded by these foreign energy waves which can damage the cells and stimulate the cells to do abnormal or damaging things. Cells that go haywire is very often the start of cancer.

Out in the wild, our bodies get a reprieve from the EMF’s, so we feel better. It’s not just the beauty of the forest – after all, just looking at a beautiful picture can’t affect us in even a fraction of the way that actually being there can do. It’s really that EMF’s are an invisible form of pollution that slowly hurts our bodies.

If you’re doubtful, you can actually measure this yourself with home test kits. You can find EMF hot spots in your home, which will probably coincide with areas of the house you intuitively don’t like to be. You can even test the energy necklace itself to see that it really does help stop these EMF’s. The quantum pendant is the EMF equivalent of an air filter. An air filter screens out dust and smoke and other particle pollution from the air in the same way that this necklace helps to get rid of EMF’s from the air. In a matter of minutes you’ll likely feel the power of this amazing pendant, feeling less tired, more refreshed, and healthier.