Quantum Necklace – Is it a scam?

Maybe you’ve seen an advertisement or heard a recommendation from a friend who claims that the quantum necklace can provide all kinds of health benefits. Maybe you’ve seen a website or commercial and thought that it sounds too good to be true.

How can one little pendant possibly do all that people claim that it does?

Is it just a scam?

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That’s exactly what I wanted to know when I first heard about the quantum pendant. My first instinct was to think that it sounded fishy and too good to be true. I’ve taken a lot of biology college courses and it didn’t seem to fit in with what I already knew about the human body. So I started doing some research to find out once and for all whether this quantum necklace is for real or is just a scam.

I was really skeptical, so the first thing I wanted to know was how does this pendant claim to work?

The basic claim is that it produces a type of energy that is useful for blocking “harmful EMF’s.” It’s said that “EMF’s” are the electromagnetic frequencies that our electronic devices radiate whenever they’re in use or plugged in. The EMF’s are said to be hazardous and dangerous to ourhealth.

That right there was news to me. I never heard anything about there being an actual health threat from just sitting in front of your computer or TV, or even just sleeping with your head near an alarm clock! I had heard of the dangers of microwaves that leak microwave radiation, and that cell phones seem to emit radio waves that might be dangerous if you hold the phone close to your head for too long. Apparently all of that is just part of the EMF problem, but it goes even further to include more types of energy and radiation, particularly from computers, cordless phones, and television sets. This energy actually can interact with our cells causing them damage and death.

I found several studies that back up the idea that EMF’s are harmful to our cells. Our cells use their own type of energy to communicate, kind of a miniature CB radio that all our cells are hooked up to. They use this to tell each other when to divide, where to go, what to do, and when to die. Our cells can pick up the EMF’s and think that it’s a genuine signal from another cell – EMF’s tell our cells to do weird things that they normally wouldn’t do!

Okay, so EMF’s are bad for us.

But how can a quantum necklace do anything about that?

Interestingly, it seems that there are lots of forms of energy all around us that we are only marginally aware of. We can see the effects, but sometimes we can’t measure it. We don’t have technology that can pick up every single frequency of all the energies in the universe. But we can see their effects so that we can learn what that energy looks like and where it comes from. Magnetism is an example of an energy that we can’t see, but we all accept is very real. It’s a property of the stone or metal that is transferred to other objects; it’s also a field around the stone or metal that causes effects.

Stones and metals can actually have more types of energy associated with them. Scalar energy is one of those types. Scalar energy is a tricky subject to talk about because it’s almost as complicated as quantum physics can be, but the take home idea is that it actually can block EMF’s.

The quantum pendant emits scalar energy which blocks EMF’s from entering the space around it. If you wear it, you’re inside the bubble of protection that the pendant provides. It’s like when you try to put two magnets of the same charge near each other: they push away. There seems to be a bubble around each one that the other can’t enter. EMF’s bump up against the bubble and get thrown back out into space.


I was honestly very surprised to see that there was a real scientific explanation for the quantum necklace. But that’s exactly what I found. It turns out that these quantum pendants are not a scam after all. Once I knew that I was much more comfortable buying one to test it out. I have to say that this was really where I learned the most and confirmed that it was no scam. All anyone should have to do is to hold a pendant for a few minutes. If you don’t feel anything, you can return it, satisfied that you did your research. But as soon as I held it in my hand I knew that there really was something to all of this talk about energies and fields. All it took to completely convert me to a believer was wearing the pendant for a matter of minutes. I’ve let my friends and family do the same, and they’re always as surprised as I first was! I encourage everyone to just try it. You’ve already done the responsible thing (researching it), so now do the practical thing and just try it!