Healing Stones and Crystals – How do they work?

A 2011 study in Bioscience Trends Journal lends support for the use of healing stones and crystals in alternative medicine.

The study revealed a revolutionary discovery: cells actually communicate via energy fields and vibrations. Up to this point, biology text books point to chemical messengers as the main mechanism by which cells communicate. Cells have lots of little “antennae” projections sticking off the edges of the membranes which pick up chemical signals coming from other cells. This is how cells communicate with each other, whether they are saying “Its about time to divide” or “Hey there’s a virus over here, better release something to come fight it,” the cells released chemicals to do the talking.

But cells communicate so fast that scientists have wondered how the chemicals could really be traveling so fast and be interpreted so quickly.

It turns out that our cells can pick up energy waves and vibrations, like a radio, and turn it into information, the same way that the radio picks up radio waves and turns it into sound.

Implications for Healing Stones and Crystals

What this has to do with healing stones and crystals is that we have finally found how our bodies use energy to communicate, so we know where to look to see if something external (like stones) can actually affect that energy.

Stones and crystals are thought to emit their own energy fields, much like scalar energy pendants emit scalar energy, its something that our bodies are attuned to even though we aren’t aware of it and can’t detect it. These energy fields can either be damaging, like electromagnetic fields which cause tumors in healthy cells, or beneficial, like healing stones and crystals.

Many people have found that simply adding a stone or crystal to their person, whether by using jewelry or just slipping it in their pocket, changes their mood, outlook, well-being, health, and other indicators in very drastic ways. But before there wasn’t a lot of evidence that our body produced its own energy field that could be affected by outward things.

Now that imaging techniques are becoming more sophisticated, we are finding that alternative medicine once dismissed as a sham actually has measurable effects on the body’s energy fields, and  telomeres (sections of DNA) suggesting that there is something to many of these alternative medicine practices, like healing stones and crystals, after all. Healing stone jewelry acts as the antidote to that poisonby acting as a shield to these vibrations. Stones and crystals are imbued with natural good vibrations and energy from the processes in the Earth that it took to make them.


Electronic devices are notorious for being sources of bad energy that slowly turn everything around them into hotspots of negative energy, too.

Keeping natural stones in your home helps counterbalance this negative energy. This is something that societies and cultures have known for thousands of years, explaining it as hundreds of different religions and doctrines, but we’re just now starting to accumulate the proof. People who try it say there is no going back and that healing stone jewelry has changed their lives.

In the next decade we are going to start seeing more and more Western doctors prescribing “alternative” treatments and cures to their patients, including the use of gemstones and natural rocks.

and unproven, but perhaps it is related to quantum energy, which is receiving a lot of study right now. However it works, metaphysical stones are used by millions of peoplethe world over to manage pain, reduce depression and stress, and live happier, fuller lives.