Stones for Healing: Fact or Fiction?

Some cultures have been using stones for healing for thousands of years with great success, but many people dismiss it immediately as being nothing more than wishful thinking or a placebo effect. But studies have shown that there is an effect of using stones and crystals therapeutically beyond placebo, so what is going on?

How can a stone that just sits there possibly heal your body?

The main idea behind using stones and crystals comes down to energy fields.

There are all types of energy fields all around us all the time, there’s heat energy, there’s radio waves, there’s light, there’s electromagnetic fields from our electronic devices… and according to the majority of cultures on Earth over time, there is a life-force energy, something that exists in a live person that does not exist in a dead person.

This energy exists as a field within and surrounding each person. Some people are said to be sensitive to detecting this energy, calling it an aura. Others have noticed it has centers of power as chakras (which happen to coincide with the biggest bundles of nerves in our bodies!).

All inanimate matter is said to have its own energy as well based on what it’s made of, how it was made, when it was made, etc. Since Einstein said that all matter is energy, this actually makes a lot of sense. An object’s energy field is like an identifying stamp on it that tells where it’s been and affects everything around it based on that. Objects with good energy have a good effect on people that are around it, objects with bad energy have bad effects on people who are around it. Natural stones and crystals generally have good energy because they were made by a natural process inside the earth and are imbued with purer energy and vibrations.

Why do stones and crystals have better energy than things like metal forks and ceramic kitties?

That’s not totally known, but people who have found they have a sensitivity to some types of energy just feel it to be true.

Studies investigating this have found that stones and crystals have a better effect on people than plastic and ceramic. There is something to all this energy and vibration talk, even if we can’t completely explain it yet. So many people are already benefitting from alternative medicine that harnesses these energy fields, like scalar energy pendants and using stones for healing, it might be worth it to perform your own test and see if a small change like buying a piece of jewelry could actually change your life.