How to test a quantum pendant – How to test a scalar energy pendant

How to test a quantum pendant – How to test a scalar energy pendant

There is one universal test that all people who use quantum pendants can be measured, and that is the muscle test. Here we’ll teach you everything you need to do one, and what you will need.

First, you’re going to need a friend to test you, or you can test them. You can’t do this kind of test alone, because you need one person to provide the resistance for the other. Second, you’ll need a cellphone, and this is very important. It must be turned on; a dead one won’t help with this test. If you can’t find a cellphone, use an iPod with the Wi-Fi enabled so you can test the EMF field’s effects on your body. Third, if you already have a Scalar pendant, you’ll need it to test its effectiveness with the test.

How to test a quantum pendant - How to test a scalar energy pendant

In this situation we’ll assume that you are the one being tested, and your friend is testing you. Place your arm out in front of you, straight, keeping sure to not have your elbow bent. Now, have your friend who is testing you push down on your arm, enough to make you resist but not enough to hurt you. Once you’ve gauged your own strength, you can put your arm down at your side. Now, pick up the cellphone, or whatever electrical device you’re using for the purposes of this test. Put it in the opposite hand that you used for the test earlier, and place the cellphone over your heart. Now put the same hand back up again, and have your friend push down on it. You’ll notice that it’s harder to keep your arm up, much harder than before. You’ll experience strain, and this is to show you how the EMF fields affect you.

If you have a pendant, repeat the test again one more time with the cellphone over your heart and your arm straight forward in front of you. You’ll see that the Quantum Pendant works immediately, and you won’t have any problem keeping your arm up in front of you like before without the pendant. If the pendant you’re wearing still doesn’t help, it’s probably a fake and you should return it immediately! We wrote this guide because we’re certain that our pendants work well, and we offer a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.