Japanese Quantum Energy Pendant – Quantum Scalar Pendant made in Japan

Japanese Quantum Energy Pendants made in Japan are the best Energy Pendants money can buy. Surprisingly, they’re not the most expensive but they are the most time tested. Volcanic jewelry has been worn by people in Japan and Eastern Asia for thousands of years, and samurais and shoguns would wear volcanic pendants under their armor and even gauntlets made of it to promote vitality.

History of Volcanic Jewelry in Japan

The Japanese have been a center of pearl production for centuries, especially Mikimoto pearls. Mikimoto pearls are created by placing a small bead inside of an oyster, and the pearl forms around it making a perfectly round specimen. Sadly, pearl beds in Japan have suffered intermittent disease, with oysters dying off randomly.

Each time this happens, people turn back to inland sources of jewelry, especially the volcanic regions. These areas have a long tradition of crafting igneous rock (hardened lava) into ornamental jewelry, blades, and other items. It has long been believed that benefits could be derived from the kana, or spirit, of the rock. Now we know that energy can’t be destroyed, only change forms, and what lies within the dormant rock is the fiery energy of a volcano.

How Does It Work?

Energy pendants utilize Scalar energy, sometimes called quantum or cosmic energy, which is positively charged. Most energy has two types of ions, negative and positive; Scalar has the special property of only having positive ions that repel negative ions. It also promotes the production of healthy cells, and repairs damaged cells, making them stronger and more resistant to future damage. This helps you stay stronger longer and live a better life.

What are the benefits?

Studies about EMFs (electromagnetic fields or frequencies) have shown that they can harm human health. EMFs disrupt melatonin production; melatonin is the chemical that tells your brain when it’s time to rest, and starts producing a few hours after dark, or sundown.  When this is disrupted, you can get fatigue, hypersomnia (sleeping too much) or insomnia (sleeping too little).

Some studies conducted on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have shown that EMFs can cause an allergic reaction that the nervous system becomes overloaded, sending random pain signals all over the body, causing pain, fatigue, and other problems. Just by wearing a positively charged Japanese Quantum Energy Pendant you can reap the benefits of a better life.