New Age Christmas Present in 2011 – New Age Gift for Energy

Are you having trouble deciding what kind of new age Christmas present to give for 2011 to give your earth-friendly & new age thinking friends and relations this year? You don’t want to give some commercial gift that holds no value to them. Instead, something that they feel benefits from and are amazed by. What about a unique pendant made from lava rock which can emit energy for hundreds of years! Look no further! The Scalar Energy Pendant is the perfect new age Christmas present in 2011!

Your new-age friends and relations are sure to appreciate what a Scalar Energy Pendant can give to them. The pendant is made from lava rock which has been combined with another stone to produce an abundance of negative ions. This form of energy is referred to as scalar energy, a type of natural earth energy that never diminishes. It provides NUMEROUS benefits to the wearer from improved energy to better focus & concentration to protection from EMF emitting devices such as cell phones, laptops & tablets!


Boosts Energy, Protects against EMFs!

The Scalar Energy Pendant as a gift is:

Practical – As a health yielding tool, the Scalar Energy Pendant is specially designed to improve your mood and bring back a feeling of youthful high spirits. Recipients of this unique and thoughtful gift will find their days more productive and their nights more restful!

Out Of The Ordinary – The Scalar Energy Pendant is a product of specialized Japanese technology. People in the Western world are bound to be dazzled and surprised by its beauty and innovation. It’s a very safe bet that anyone you present with the Scalar Energy Pendant will not already have one! The lucky recipient of your thoughtful new age Christmas gift is going to always at the very least have a unique conversation topic and at best feel phenomenal every moment they wear it!

All Natural – Specially processed Japanese volcanic lava is used in creating the Quantum Pendant. This specialized material emits scalar energy in a very concentrated level and has a tremendous positive effect on the wearer. The Scalar Energy Pendant reproduces the same levels of negative ions that we normally encounter when standing beside a waterfall or breathing deeply in a forest glen.

Easy to wrap! The Scalar Energy Pendant fits neatly in the palm of your hand. Wrapping it up beautifully to present as the perfect gift is simply a breeze!

New age Christmas presents in 2011 just don’t get any better than the Scalar Energy Pendant. This practical, unique, healthful, beautiful, all-natural jewelry item is the most thoughtful gift you can present to anyone and everyone on your Christmas list. Your friends and relations will face a new year filled with energy and natural optimism thanks to your innovative gift-giving!