Quantum energy pendant – What are the Benefits?

The Quantum energy pendant is the outcome of years of research in physics.  Energy in scalar form has been the subject of works by physicist James Clerk Maxwell and mechanical engineer Nikola Tesla among others.  So far the most notable benefit from scalar energy has been its negating effect on electromagnetic force or EMF.


Coming from power lines, home wiring, airport and military radar, substations, transformers, computers and appliances EMF exposure have been closely associated and linked with brain tumors, leukemia, birth defects, miscarriages, chronic fatigue, headaches, cataracts, heart problems, stress. nausea, chest pain, forgetfulness, cancer and other health problems.


It was in November 1989 that the Department of Energy issued a statement, “It has now become generally accepted that there are, indeed, biological effects due to field exposure.”  A year later the EMF issue gained more publicity as it appeared in alarming reports by Time, the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and popular computer publications. Ted Koppel of ABC and Dan Rather of CBS both made special segments on EMFs.

A Quantum energy pendant provides the bearer a means to avoid the harmful effects of EMF energies.  The scalar energy emitted by the pendant effectively cancels out EMF.  Aside from functioning as an EMF shield, every individual with a Quantum energy pendant also benefits incredibly when metabolic functions harmonize, as has been observed when human cells and tissues are exposed to the bio-energy coming from the pendant.


Men and women the world over, after a couple of minutes of wearing the Quantum energy pendant have significantly increased concentration and focus, increased energy levels, and increased strength.  It has also been documented that scalar energy sources will also help your body recover and heal more quickly, promote a deeper and more restful sleep, enhance your immune function, improve circulation, promote the unclumping of cells, improve cellular nutrition and detoxification, reduce headaches and migraines, improve sporting performance, reduce inflammation, joint pain and arthritis, protect the DNA from damage, and reduce hypertension and high blood pressure.


No one is spared from EMF and the daily stressors of everyday life, but with a Quantum energy pendant anyone can benefit from scalar energy.