Quantum Pendant Scam ? – Read This First!

Quantum Pendant Scam – Read This First!

VIDEO PROOF: Watch Below to see the ACTUAL Negative Ion Readings being emitted from a Quantum Pendant!

We’re not relying on a Muscle Test here but a $2000 Piece of High Tech Testing Equipment!


Now that you’ve seen some real Evidence for our pendants lets address some of your concerns…

Are you interested in Quantum Pendants but worry about the claims that they are a scam? Have you ever stopped to wonder why people would discredit the pendants and insinuate a Quantum Pendant Scam?

Usually there are Two Reasons

1. The individual claiming the existence of a Quantum Pendant Scam denies belief in anything outside of mainstream medicine or science, including but not limited to Homeopathy, Energy Medicine and so on.


2. The person claiming Quantum Pendants are a Scam have a vested interest in selling the pendants and it benefits them to create doubt in customers minds so to make them afraid to buy from anyone buy themselves.

I would HIGHLY recommend before anything else that if there is someone out there completely dismissing the Quantum Pendant as a Scam to first ask what their own first hand experience is (In 95% of cases they’ve never even touched one) THEN ask them how they feel about things such as Homeopathy, Reiki and Energy Healing in general. If they come back and say they’re ALL scams, then you need to SERIOUSLY consider the opinion of the person dismissing the pendant and get opinions from those at least who dismiss it but are open to things and/or those who support it and are also level headed and NOT coming from an MLM where it’s all about a sales pitch and nothing else.

I’m going to explain to you now just what’s going on here with claims of a Quantum Pendant Scam and also offer you a chance to try out a Quantum Pendant for yourself with ZERO RISK! So you can simply see for yourself instead of endlessly reading online not knowing what to do. If you want more information about this you can contact me HERE.

Quantum Pendant Scam ?

So what is a Quantum Pendant anyway? Really? A Quantum Pendant is simply this. It’s a pendant made from volcanic rock and to a lesser degree another mineral stone called Tourmaline (ALL Quantum Pendants – any that work at least – will include Tourmaline if it doesn’t you should be somewhat skeptical). Volcanic rock contains numerous beneficial minerals which many believe yield healing and beneficial effects on the human body.

The most substantial of which however is an energy emitted by the stone known as Scalar Energy which was a proposed energy by 2 of the Greatest minds of our time Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. Scalar energy is believed to exist naturally in our world and universe, it’s all around us, however certain sources on the planet emit more of it. In many ways its the energy of the earth, our “Grounding” Energy. The theory is that as volcanic rock is literally new earth it carries a great deal of this energy contained within it.

The Quantum Pendant is made from volcanic rock that is solidified, and then shaped into a beautiful pendant. All volcanoes emit scalar energy, but these volcanoes give off considerably greater amounts.

There are many technical terms labelled to the process by which the pendants are made to make them seem almost otherworldly. However the truth is that what you’re getting is a stone pendant, there’s no process to add any kind of energy (I would be skeptical of anyone who suggests such things and would ask for proof). The pendants innately emit their own positive energy. Much in the way a person might wear a quartz crystal to empower their mind or improve meditation or someone might wear any kind of healing stone to receive a benefit the Quantum Pendant is in the same category, however the effect as many can attest to is often much more pronounced than normal healing stone jewelry.

Scalar Energy has a positive effect on the body both internally and externally. Internally it can increase energy levels, strength and immunity; promote a deeper more restful sleep; improve concentration levels and reduce stress. Externally it reduces the harmful effects of EMF energies, such as those emitted by computers, cell phones, power lines and so on.

Many people are skeptical of the muscle tests and I completely understand this skepticism, there really isn’t anyway for someone to understand this until they try it for themselves. When someone can jump off a couch and push down on your hands and you won’t budge then you’ll realize there’s something going on that you aren’t able to otherwise detect.


The 2 Types of People who claim there is a Quantum Pendant Scam

So if these pendants offer such positive benefits, why do some people discredit them as a Quantum Pendant scam? Some people who discredit the pendants also very often do not believe in alternative therapies such as homeopathy, reiki and energy healing in general. These cannot be proven by science and so they dismiss them as nonsense without even trying them, much in the same way they dismiss the Quantum Pendant. The thing to keep in mind is that all things that appear different and almost unexplainable are going to draw a lot of attention from naysayers and those who oppose them simply because if they can’t understand it they aggressively refute it and claim it to be a scam. All you need to do really is to try the pendant on for yourself and within minutes you will notice a difference in how you feel.


Then there are those people in the industry of selling the pendants who claim all others are fake… except for their own! Of course if you stop and think about this for a second about why they would do this its VERY obvious. If someone tells you that their product is the only one that will do the job and all others won’t work, what are the odds that you’ll buy from them and not the others? Pretty high I would imagine! By discrediting certain brands or no-name brand pendants, yet insisting that their pendants are the “real thing”, customers are more likely to purchase from them. It’s unfortunate too because there is no justification in selling these pendants for $100+ each. Again we’re talking about volcanic stone with a tourmaline stone mixed in, formed into a pendant. With all costs considered, this is not very different from how most healing jewelry is made and even the rarer forms of healing stones about the size of the Quantum Pendant would not sell for more than $80 at the most.


Conclusion: Is there actually a Quantum Pendant Scam? No! Only those without real first hand experience making false claims against something they don’t understand!


Try it YOURSELF RISK FREE! Try out a Scalar Energy Pendant for 60 days and if after doing the tests and sensing the differences if you’re still not convinced just return it in the same condition it was shipped in (including box and card) and I’ll provide a full refund!

I do this because I know all the reading in the world isn’t going to prove it to you, you need to experience these pendants for yourself! The day you put one on and you do some muscle tests and see the differences you’ll be amazed! (And no this isn’t some placebo effect, I explain why the Placebo effect is impossible as well on the FAQ Here)

I recommend you browse my site, look at the video tests and see for yourself these pendants are identical to similar pendants sold at $300+!

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