Quantum Pendant Skeptics – Skeptics of The Pendant?

This was in response to a customer question about all the people out there who are skeptics and dis-credit the pendants online or elsewhere.

Without having to read the entire response though I can sum it up like this;
1. Who are these people? What credentials/experience do they have in working with the pendants, energy medicine, etc.
2. Do they have ANY first hand experience (less than 1 in 100 have ever even used one first hand for more than 2 minutes – Why listen to the un-educated opinion of a stranger? More importantly why would you allow them to influence you in trying something that could actually help you? Do they have any better suggestions or just continued discrediting of other things?)
3. Most things that seem to help people but are outside of conventional methods receive the greatest amount of opposition.
4. There are people who will discredit all things that seem un-natural to them and that their rational mind cannot understand (More than likely they disbelieve in ALL forms of energy medicine/alternative medicine – Not just the pendant).
5. Some people like the idea of discrediting things and having their opinions influence others, they probably don’t care whether something helps you or not they just want to be right and have you believe them.
… So once you clear the closed-minded out of the way and let them argue and debate until the end of time you can decide for yourself and make up your own mind by actually using one first hand.

The way I see it is that there are a lot of people out there who discount everything until absolute scientific fact can prove it. The reality is that there are many things we can’t prove or understand but they’re no less real. Keep in mind there are some skeptics out there who are over-board, some of these same people who are skeptics of the pendants and all things science has yet to prove also say organic food is a scam for instance. So it really depends some of these people truly discount absolutely anything and everything to what end? Are they solution oriented or are they simply looking to discredit things and get attention? I really don’t understand it but the way I see it why should their ignorant opinion (that lacks any first hand experience or understand) ¬†sway anyone! The most dangerous thing anyone can do is listen to a closed minded individual.
The fact is I depend on doing accurate muscle tests to determine how things affect me. I just happened to try the pendant out and found it remarkable in strengthening people through muscle testing and allowing them to resist things that would otherwise normally weaken them – most notably EMFs. Now I know there are skeptics of muscle testing as well, however they often try to denounce it by doing it completely wrong or trying to say there is a trick to it and then try to replicate this so called “trick”. If you notice these people immediately assume its a trick too, never for a second do they allow the idea to sink in that maybe there is more to it. How can anyone try to understand something if they are immediately trying to find ways to discredit it?
I assure you there is no trick though I use muscle testing for determining food allergies and other health issues going on in the body its MUCH more effective than any conventional allergy test I’ve used or anyone else I’ve tested has. When I do muscle testing on someone and we’re both in agreement for an accurate outcome you get accurate results. Even with skeptics it often works 90% of the time even when they’re putting out the mind-set that its fake or non-sense. I leave 10% out because I’ve tested some people who were not co-operating in anyway and were doing everything they could to prove me wrong and as a result I couldn’t accurately test them, however I couldn’t test them on anything, not just the pendant. So please keep in mind that people who don’t test well with the pendant aren’t disproving the pendant, they’re just proving that they can’t be accurately muscle tested for one reason or another. For anyone who is open to being tested and is testable (as about 5% of the population naturally I’ve found are difficult to test for some reason) we can find out foods/supplements that benefit their health and figure out what they should be eating what they should avoid etc.
Without muscle testing my health would be terrible, it helped me determine that my old room was poisoning me with toxic fumes, that there were foods I was eating that were making me sick. That a supplement I was taking that I thought was helping me was in fact making me sick etc. Many times I get results that I didn’t want (which disproves that the tester determines the outcome) I would test weak for supplements/herbs/foods and have given away hundreds of dollars worth of these things because muscle testing repeatedly said they were bad for me. Ironically enough once I was no longer taking food/herb I would start to feel better.
I’m explaining all this because the pendant is one of the things I’ve come across where it truly makes a positive difference for everyone according to testing. For those who are afraid of it as being harmful the fact is that if it was then it wouldn’t test positive but that everyone would get weak from it (since anything harmful to the body will always test weak, if you hold a cell phone to your chest or a bag of sugar you will test weak everytime) So you can even try it at home, you just need to make sure you’re testing properly and not making it a battle of strength but feeling out how much resistance a person has and then when they hold those items how much weaker they become, its more about feeling sometimes subtle differences as opposed to some of the more dramatic tests performed in videos you see online. Put bluntly its not a battle of wills that many skeptics don’t and probably will never understand, some tests can show dramatic results but that isn’t the point, the point is to figure out if something is showing to be of benefit to the individual is neutral or makes them weaker.
Put simply some people are going to be skeptics for life no matter how much someone can show them results and that’s fine. What I don’t like though is when there are skeptics who judge things without ever trying them first hand or even trying to understand the methods used to determine what they’re doing (in this case muscle testing and ion testers). These people just label things as scams. However the reality is they don’t know anything if they haven’t used it first hand or practiced muscle testing seriously without judgement. It would be no different than someone judging a tennis players form without ever having picked up a racquet, their opinion really doesn’t carry much if any weight at all. In essence these are people who have opinions with no value because they lack first hand experience.

I’d end this by saying make up your own mind and don’t rely on the opinion of the uneducated or for that matter people trying to sell you on anything. Which goes back to why I give the option for people to test it themselves with the 60 day guarantee. Of course not everyone can simply muscle test on day one, it can take some time feeling out but for some it comes more naturally than others.