Quantum Science Pendant Energy

Due to its growing popularity, a lot of people lately want to know the basis of the Quantum Science pendant energy.


Scientific research on electromagnetic fields or EMF began side by side with studies on energies in scalar form.  Scalar energy if you are wondering is the very foundation of the Quantum Science pendant energy.  EMF and scalar energy have been discussed by physicist for quite some time.  Around the mid 1800, theoretical physicist James Clerk Maxwell began to develop ideas of these two.  The existence of these energies was also demonstrated by Nikola Tesla.


Twenty years ago electromagnetic fields brought about a controversy of sort when researchers began noticing a very close association between electromagnetic field exposures everyday from common things such as power lines, house wirings, radars from airports and military, transformers in power substations, electronic devices such as computers, laptops and a multitude of electronic appliances with incidence of birth defects, miscarriages, cancers, brain tumors, leukemia, chronic fatigue, cataracts, headaches, stress, heart problems, chest pain, nausea, forgetfulness, cancer and other health issues.

Quantum Science Pendant Energy

It was not long before scalar energy was discovered to counteract the electromagnetic fields and thus spare live cells and tissues in very close proximity to scalar energy sources from the damaging effects of EMF.


All over the world men and women attest to the Quantum Science pendant energy that gave them a rejuvenated feeling.  It increased significantly their concentration and focus, giving them increased energy levels, increased strength.  Also it has been well documented that exposure to objects giving off scalar energy also helped the body to recover and heal at a faster rate, it promoted a deeper and restful sleep enhancing immune function, improving blood circulation, and ultimately improving cellular nutrition and detoxification and reducing headaches and migraines.  With Quantum Science pendant energy athletes and health buffs improved sporting performance and had reduced inflammation.  Joint pains and arthritis, and hypertension were noted to occur less with people exposed to Quantum Science pendant energy fields.