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100% Guarantee – Return Policy

Below explains the terms of our 100% money back guarantee! We’re so confident in our pendants that we’ll let you buy and try them out yourself. Below are the terms of our Refund Policy in the case that you wish to return them.

Refunds – Products that are shipped back within 365 days from the point of the day they are received qualify for our 100% money back guarantee. Refunds are provided when returned products have arrived and are determined to still be in re-saleable condition. If this is not the case (ie. Damaged product, missing card/box, cannot be resold as new) a partial refund based on the condition will be issued, we are very forgiving in this aspect but we ask that if you are considering returning a product that you are aware of this.

We are not responsible for return shipping costs. A full 100% money back refund covers the exact payment we receive through paypal for the pendants themselves (this does not cover additional shipping fees), we reverse the exact amount of the original transaction if all other refund conditions are met (ie. Returned pendants in good condition).

These are NOT official fusion excel brand pendants. Meaning they will not register on the fusion excel website (The $300 cost for one of their pendants is to be able to do this). Please refer to this link here https://www.scalarenergypendants.com/scalar-energy-pendants-faq/ for more information about the differences between their pendants and ours…

HOWEVER -This cannot be stressed enough, in terms of efficacy we guarantee you can do ALL of the same things using our pendants that you can with the Fusion Excel pendants and that the benefits/effects are also identical!