Scalar Energy Pendants FAQ – Commonly Asked Questions

Scalar Energy Pendants – FAQ



Watch the following video below for answers to many common questions I receive about Quantum pendants & Continue reading below for more answers! If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to contact me here!


Scalar Energy Pendant vs Quantum Pendant

When I refer to the pendant as a Scalar Energy Pendant or a Quantum pendant I’m referring the EXACT same pendant (the pendant I sell). As the pendant goes by different names I tend to use both in my explanation as some people are more familiar with one term more than another.

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You Mention a Quantum Scalar & Quantum Science Pendant, How Are They Different?

In some of my older videos I mention 2 different pendants with different names and different strengths. However they are both now the same strength and are referred to as Quantum Science Pendant.

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Why are yours so much cheaper than others?

Simply put I’ve done my research and found a quality manufacturer who has access to high grade raw materials that produce pendants of equal or better quality to those sold for $200-$300+ each! I’m an independent distributor, I don’t rely on an MLM structure or anyone else outside of directly buying in bulk wholesale from my manufacturer whom I work closely with so I get the absolute highest quality pendants produced at the lowest price and as a result I pass the savings onto you! We buy in bulk from the same manufacturers that many of the more expensive retailers purchase from as well.

I did comparison muscle tests on different brands and ones from different manufacturers as well just to see which I found to be best. There were cheaper ones I could have sold and no one would have known the difference but I found by comparison to these ones they weren’t quite as strong in the muscle tests I did, as well I liked the quality of raw materials my manufacturer was using and they’re a much larger manufacturer which always gives added confidence to the final product.

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Why do others charge so much?

As I’ve mentioned before there are MLM structures which create artificial overhead costs. Essentially they charge you more money NOT because it’s a better product (something they would have you believe) but simply their MLM structure demands a high cost so multiple people can get paid. This is the sad thing about the pendants because they’re such a great tool to be used in numerous ways but the MLM companies have marketed the thing in a way that has just turned people off into believing it’s nothing more than a scam. Something I’m working hard at rectifying.

ALSO, CONSIDER THIS… The pendants are made of a blend of volcanic rock and some tourmaline stone powder (a stone which amplifies negative ion output when in conjunction with the volcanic rock) the same 2 compounds which make up ALL Quantum Pendants. Neither of these 2 compounds are truly altered in any massive way, the beneficial effects come directly from these healing stones/minerals themselves not from any breakthrough dynamic process done to them as some would have you believe.

Manufacturing costs to make these pendants themselves are not extraordinary either, nothing more than the cost to make any other high quality healing stone jewelry (such as a high quality quarz, amethyst pendant). I can tell you right now that anyone who sells these pendants individually for anything over $100 each are making HUGE profits more importantly Ripping YOU OFF!

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Does it lose its effect over time?

No, the pendant will emit its effect for an estimated minimum of 1000 years. Basically the pendant will always have the same effect for as long as you have it. As the source of the energy is innate to the minerals within the pendant it doesn’t have the limitations that a pendant that has been “infused” with energy might have. Simply by virtue those items that were given a charge naturally over time will lose it.

This isn’t true with the Scalar Pendant.

In my opinion based on my testing and experience it’s ALWAYS best to go with a natural rock/crystal over a synthetic, energy “infused” or metal pendant.

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If I break it will it still work?

Absolutely! It’s a rare thing to occur, but the pendant isn’t reliant upon staying intact to work. If you have a pendant that emits 3000 negative ions and it splits in half then each half will give off 1500 negative ions. As well the scalar energy which is the other energetic effect felt from the pendant should remain almost as strong in each piece.

So not to worry. Short of losing it, it will always stay strong. As well I have my money back guarantee and if for whatever reason should yours break within the first 60 days I’ll replace it free of charge!

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How do I know it’s doing anything?

This is a very common question I receive from people. The best way I can explain it is that everyone is different and everyone feels different things. For some they feel the effect right away, people who respond in this way might consider themselves more “sensitive” to energy. These same people might hold a quartz crystal and “feel” the effect as well.

Some people might not be as sensitive in this way or there could be other factors, such as prescription medication/drugs which often block the flow of energy in the body and although the pendant will work all the same its effects might not be as perceivable to these people. Some other people have told me they felt nothing for the first few days or even weeks and then suddenly they began to feel a shift in their overall energy, or a pain they had been dealing with had just vanished when nothing else had worked.

For myself the first time I put one on my health was at a low point, even with doing everything else right for my health I still felt blocked in some way, as if I just couldn’t get over the fatigue I was going through. I felt within a few minutes of wearing the pendant that I felt calmer and more grounded which is what many people often feel. My shortness of breath which I had been experiencing was diminishing for the first time in months and my energy levels were high enough that I could exercise without burning out. This was just my own experience although I have heard of others finding the same thing.

The part I like best is that unlike everything else I do for my health, with the pendant all I have to do is wear it.

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Do I have to wear it around my neck?

Nope, although ideally it is best to have against the skin, you can carry it in your pocket and it will continue to yield benefits to you.

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Do I have to wear it every day?

Not necessarily, some people find they adapt to wearing it every few days, while others just jump into wearing it daily. Everyone is different. Some people have in fact felt strong detox reactions from wearing the pendant and as a result could only start with wearing it a few hours each day at most.

After these symptoms passed they reported feeling much better. Due to the fact that the pendant has a tendency to open things up in the body, if you’ve had clumped up blood for years and have never detoxed and suddenly wear the pendant the unclumping effect alone can bring on a powerful detox reaction. In these cases if you feel this way it’s recommended to only wear it for an hour each day and increasing its use only as you feel your tolerability improves to it.

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How often should I wear it?

Wearing the pendant daily for at least 2 hours is ideal, up to 8 hours is perfectly fine. For your initial week of use you should wear the pendant no more than 2 hours per day just to acclimate your body to the pendant. As some people encouter powerful detox reactions when first wearing the pendant for extended periods of time, so wearing it for only 2 hours per day for the first week helps prevent this. From the 2nd week onward I like to recommend up to 5-8 hours per day. In my experience generally wearing the pendant up to 8 hours per day is ideal. Using it around the clock isn’t always necessary however for some people it helps more.

I would recommend if you do wear the pendant 24/7 for a few days consecutively to take a break from it for a bit or reduce your usage to only up to 5 hours per day for a few days to prevent your body from getting overly used to it.

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People say Quantum Pendants are a scam or don’t really work… What do you say to that?

My response to this is simple and always the same. Who is this person claiming they’re a scam, what is THEIR proof that it’s a scam and what is their ACTUAL experience using the pendant? More often than not (In fact I’d estimate no less than 99% of the time) the person making such bold statements has never even SEEN a quantum pendant up close let alone used one. In this respect it just becomes an un-educated opinion.

To go further into it though what I have found is that the majority of people who make these bold claims ALSO feel that the concept of energy healing such as Reiki is a scam, that alternative healing methods such as acupuncture are a scam, that even organic food is a scam! I’m not kidding, these people tend to be some of the most closed minded people I’ve ever come across. Forget trying to make someone believe in a Quantum Pendant if they think Organic Farming methods are a complete scam lol.

I just wanted to make a point so that you understand that the same people who claim these pendants are a scam are the same people who quite often criticize and slander anything that requires an open mind. These people will also criticize muscle testing, however again these people have never tried it, nor do they understand it. Then when I’ve watched people try to break it down and “prove” it doesn’t work they intentionally change the way they test, which of course will bring on different results.

Please realize some people will ALWAYS criticize things they don’t understand. Granted there are other vendors and retailers out there selling this pendant and using words that are obviously made up terms to which they often end up sounding foolish and really out there. Unfortunately when people start applying random “pseudo science” terms, then the vultures jump right at it and begin dissecting and picking it apart, and so it goes on and on.

The bottom line is this, as far as the science goes there is a great deal of debate. All I can say is that the current level of science that exists cannot effectively make a solid conclusion as to why it creates the effect it does. The only thing I do know as do others who have used the pendant is that it hands down does something positive to the body.

Scalar Energy Pendants FAQ - Commonly Asked Questions

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People Say that the effect is a placebo and the Pendant does nothing!

The proof is in the pudding. You can’t fake an energy reading on a tester. The pendants emit ions, and they emit earth frequencies such as the Schumann Resonance. This much can be seen. Someone could argue there’s no value in negative ion exposure or earth based frequencies, however I would suggest a person making this argument has not studied these topics in depth. Someone can continue to choose not to believe the pendant emits energy, although I would suggest they have some strange motive against the pendant and potentially any energy healing product if they hold this belief after seeing the tests.

For those who want to see the impact this energy has on biological life just look at Where they use deep earth minerals in a high concentration in their device to charge water used to irrigate crops. The side by side pictures speak for themselves.

Again people who have never used nor even seen one up close will say this. However you will have those who see it first hand and will still say this (likely because they simply can’t rationalize how it works so for them it must be a placebo or some parlour trick as they often protest).

So what’s my answer? It’s actually VERY simple, if it IS a placebo effect then how come I can find an entirely new subject who has never used a pendant before. I’ll put a random piece of jewelry around their neck and when I try the cell phone test they still go weak. However I then put on the Scalar Pendant without saying anything and they get VERY strong.

Then people might argue, well it’s me, since I believe the pendant will do something so it affects the outcome. To that I say, ok well how about this then. I have repeatedly had 2 people come together I show them how to muscle test another, neither knowing anything about the pendant. I ask them to do various muscle tests on each other and then I try a random piece of jewelry just to see if a placebo effect can occur, because if it truly IS a placebo effect then surely any pendant or piece of jewelry will have the same effect as a Scalar Energy Pendant, right?

Wrong, they will test as usual, however I then give them the Scalar Pendant saying nothing of it and suddenly they become stronger and they can pass through the cell phone test without going weak!

One thing is for certain a Scalar Energy Pendant is NOT a placebo!

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The Claims made on the Pendant seem TOO GOOD to be True!

Absolutely, most of the vendors and sales people selling the pendants just tend to sensationalize them to the point where it’s understandable that people would dis-believe it because of the crazy claims they make. I much rather prefer to say it always yields positive benefits to the body and in some cases people might notice a dramatic improvement which does happen but overall I would say the improvements are subtle and gradual much like if one were to start taking a multi-vitamin daily or some form of improved nutrition into their diet on a consistent basis.

The changes would begin occurring but most people might not notice a difference until time has elapsed where-as others might notice the difference immediately if they’re quite sensitive or if the pendant happens to immediately correct an obvious issue such as back pain which it has done many times.

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Do your pendants have a serial number on the back of the Pendant?

Yes our Scalar Energy Pendants all have a serial number on the back of the pendant that matches the card that they come with.

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People mention there are fake pendants being sold on the internet and only certain brands are real, how can I trust yours are real (in the sense that they work!) and provide the same benefits as these expensive $300 pendants?

First lets take a look at the people making these claims of there being fakes. These are the same people who sell the $300 pendants, so right off the bat they have a financial interest. Keep this in mind. Now these same people as I mentioned have their pendants manufactured by the same types of manufacturers where I source my pendants from. The only difference is the brand, let me explain with an analogy.

Brand Name Cereal is $3.80

No-Name Brand Cereal is $1.50

Both are identical products made in the exact same factory, except one sticks their brand label on it and as a result demands a higher price. Well surprise, surprise, let me blow the whistle on this one and tell you that’s EXACTLY what’s happening in this industry as well.

The pendants I sell are of equal quality to the expensive alternatives. Not only that but I prove it with the videos on my site. I have also proven it first hand with my friends $300 pendant and my $50 pendant. The results were identical, all the muscle tests turned out the same. Not only that BUT my pendant also tested STRONGER in ALL the negative ion tests I would run. These $300 pendants always seem to only emit 1600 negative ions, where-as mine emit double that or more!

I focus on what the pendants are ACTUALLY doing, with my OWN tests. Not relying on hearsay or slanderous claims made by others who have neither used my pendants nor have they run the tests that I have. I could just as easily take some of these competitors pendants and doing some direct comparison tests show just how much stronger my pendants are in terms of MEASUREABLE energy. However in most cases it would be too embarrassing to them and I’d rather avoid problems from these other vendors/manufacturers/companies.

You’ll notice that I just lay everything out for you, I provide the video evidence and leave the rest up to you. Most others focus SO MUCH on how others are fake and theirs are real it makes you wonder why is that the ONLY thing they seem to talk about.

Why not show some actual tests then like I have?

These companies will also provide registration numbers and cards for their pendants. They use all these things to further try and create the illusion of anything that you can’t register being a fake, creating more separation and fear in the market. The reality here is that of course if you purchase a $300 pendant through them it should register on their site. Put bluntly if you purchase a pendant from me and expect to be able to register it to “their” site it won’t go through. It would be the same as expecting to register a Samsung MP3 player on the Sony website, not going to happen. This isn’t to say you’re not getting an equal or better product, YOU ARE! It just isn’t THEIR product.

So bottom line is this, same product, same effect, cheaper price!

Please if you still have questions about any of this don’t hesitate to ask! I know many people get thrown off by all the marketing used as scare tactics to force people into buying overpriced pendants or products in general that could be had of equal quality for much less such as the Scalar Energy Pendants.

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So they can help, but what about harm? Can they hurt you?

This is a VERY valid question, to which my only reply is this. In my many years of muscle testing, I have NEVER come across anything which tested positively for the body that hurt the body. Take caffeine for instance, yes it boosts energy but it also drains energy. When I muscle test with it, it tests as harmful to the body believe it or not (In some rare cases it has tested positively when the person generally responded well to caffeine).

In addition to this we have safety certifications from the manufacturer.

So in my personal opinion, no I don’t think that the pendant can hurt you. However I would caution people who rely on it so much that they disregard proper sleep and diet that I have found in wearing the pendant you will sometimes feel so good that you will possibly overextend yourself (which seems to be human nature). If you take care of yourself though diet, sleep and exercise AND wear the pendant then you will see spectacular results. However regardless of this the pendant will still yield it’s benefits.

Besides this I have found as have others that you can run on less sleep and that you may have trouble sleeping while wearing it, some people have the opposite effect of getting a deeper sleep. In any case if you happen to notice your energy level is quite high nearing bed time I would suggest removing it before sleep. If you feel it helps your sleeping habits though then by all means leave it on.

We still do have a few caveats regardless of this: The Quantum Pendant should NOT be Chewed on or put in the Mouth, for this reason we caution against giving it to babies or young children who are prone to do this. If charging water you should place the pendant outside the glass, not inside. Lastly just as a general rule, although some vendors/distributors say it’s ok, we still suggest minimal exposure to the pendant for pregnant women (although in all likelihood it is perfectly fine AND beneficial for them, we still want to make mention of this).

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What about Radiation Fears regarding the Quantum Pendant?

I suggest for anyone who’s overly concerned about radiation “dangers” to realize 2 things.

1. This is all part of a Fusion Excel scare tactic to again corner the market by labeling ALL others as being dangerous if it isn’t produced by them. Really sit back and think about this. They just flat out slander ANY and ALL pendants that look like theirs but aren’t MADE by them to be dangerous? Then to do so with no real backing. My point here is that some critical thinking is needed to see through the excessive slanderous marketing put out by Fusion Excel on anyone who wants to sell products that look like theirs, produce the same effect, but are not theirs. Therefore taking money out of their pockets and their MLM sales system.

2. ALL Quantum Pendants emit Earth Based Radiation! This point cannot be said enough. The amount emitted directly correlates to the ion emission. Fusion Excel pendants are notorious for lower ion output and there-fore do not trigger geiger meters as readily, this is entirely intentional on their part.

For those concerned about radiation “dangers” I suggest you visit this site here regarding the actual Truth on Radiation by reading about radiation hormesis to learn about a heavily suppressed side of science that has proven that low dose levels of radiation is harmless and in fact can be healthy for you! However there still appears to be financial and political interest in sticking with old science that claimed any and all amounts of radiation is bad for you which is entirely false. From solar radiation previously being demonized to recently being proven to in fact be beneficial and necessary to healthy human existence, to areas on the planet with naturally high background radiation levels consistently supporting populations with longer life spans than those of low natural background radiation.

Put shortly if my pendants were dangerous then visiting Hot Springs or Black Sand Beaches (which emit up to 400x background radiation levels) would be banned as one day trip can supply an equal dose to a years worth of background radiation exposure! As well areas high in background radiation such as Colorado & Utah would be considered dangerous as well. However the complete opposite is in fact true for people who visit these areas as they consistently outlive those who do not experience the high background radiation levels that they do.

In speaking with experts on the topic of Radiation and having them test our pendants. Our STRONGEST pendants would still need to be concentrated 26x more in terms of Radiation output to reach a harmful or dangerous level. Just to clarify, this doesn’t mean carrying 26 pendants is harmful, rather you would need one pinpointed source to be 26 times higher in radiation output to then become a problem (Short OR Long Term).

There is much more on this topic I could discuss, however I highly recommend reading through the attached link above if you have concerns still. Please feel free to email me here if you have any additional questions as well.

I’ve researched this subject as much as can be done and tested my products so I can assure you from a great deal of knowledge, testing and research that my pendants are safe (as truly most if not all on the market in fact are). In fact they aren’t just safe, they’re incredibly good for you!

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Is there any Benefit to wearing MORE than 1 pendant at a time?

Based on our muscle tests and feedback we have determined that there is actually a benefit to wearing/using more than one pendant at a time. It simply seems to multiply the effect. However the biggest difference is going from no pendant at all to wearing/using one. I personally always wear one around my neck and carry 1-2 more on me at all times (often having 3 total on me) and I have found a noticeable difference if I do this as opposed to only having 1 on me. Likewise I’ll sometimes wear one over my head almost like a Tiara (I don’t go out of the house like this though, lol) especially when at the computer and find my concentration and alertness improves as well it dramatically reduces the incidence of headaches (especially ones normally induced from eyestrain & computer use).

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What is Muscle Testing? Can it be used for anything else?

Muscle testing is also known as Applied Kinesiology or (AK) for short. It is a practice used around the world by thousands of alternative health care practitioners such as Naturopathic Doctors, Homeopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Nutritionists and many, many more in addition to the numerous books written about it! In short it has been used for a LONG time before the pendants ever existed. It is generally used as a subtle way to test the flow of energy through the body, on it’s own and in conjunction with various items such as food, herbs, supplements, homeopathics and much else. It is used for a variety of purposes, from finding weakness in the body with joints, muscles or organs to finding allergies/sensitivities.

In its simplest form it will tell you if something is beneficial or weakening to your body, however it can be used for much more than just this. If you hold a small bag of refined sugar like 99% of the population you will have a much harder time resisting pressure as you would without the bag of sugar, the same goes for the cell phones as I display on the website. Likewise if you’re holding a Scalar Energy Pendant you will feel significantly stronger. This is an indication by your body that what you are holding is indeed beneficial to you. However in the instance with the pendant this strength difference is significantly more noticeable than with just about anything else you can find.

Much like with the use of homeopathy, supplements and herbs. The effects can be subtle and often unnoticeable as it is so gradual. For many the Quantum Pendants are very similar, however for some they will feel the difference immediately, especially if they are energetically sensitive. As for those who continue to denounce muscle testing as fraudulent, often those who protest against applied kinesiology are also often against many other things alternative including homeopathy and various other forms of energy therapy. As well I have not just seen the difference the pendant can make from doing the muscle tests but also in the difference it has made for my overall constitution and energy levels through wearing it daily.

Like a multi-vitamin I might stop taking it thinking its not doing anything however over time I may not realize the decrease which would occur in my energy levels and mental focus as a result of not taking it. This is a similar analogy to how the pendant often works, for some they will see the difference in the muscle tests but remain skeptical not feeling a dramatic shift in their energy as others may feel right away, this isn’t to dismiss it as ineffective however! As it works with everyone, constantly emitting positive energy which will continue to benefit you from it’s use.

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Some People Say Muscle Testing can be Faked?

There is some truth to this, in that the intention of the person doing the test or the person being tested can affect the results. As well I’ve found the most accurate of tests to be those where an individual is tested with something that makes them weak and then tested again with the pendant. Often if the pendant can assist the individual in negating the negative effects of the item such as a cell phone for instance then the person will remain strong even though they are still holding the item which made them weak.

If however someone has the intention to fool the test, then their intention alone is often enough to disrupt results and this is where inconsistency can occur in testing. However with the intention to more or less just “see what happens” the by both the tester and testee this is where you discover very interesting consistent and more genuine results.

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Will I be able to do the muscle/resistance tests? How do I do them?

I would recommend you scroll down our main page here – and take a look at the videos posted of the muscle tests. I would recommend attempting the cell phone test first, you can try it even before you get a pendant just to witness first hand how your body becomes weakened from the EMF given off by the cell phone. You can then test the person again with a pendant and you will notice a dramatic difference in their strength, in fact they should be stronger than they would otherwise be even without holding the cell phone to being with!

Muscle testing is very easy to do however you will likely have to practice it a few times initially (especially with arm tests – making sure the arm is straight and isn’t bent). You should quickly become a pro at it and more or less find the groove to doing it right. With that said please realize some things about it…

1. Some people are simply more difficult to muscle test than others and sometimes people won’t be testable, this generally occurs in about 5-10% of individuals I test (Reasons for an individual not being testable include dehydration, inebriation, injury/problem with the muscle being tested, lack of co-operation from testee – those trying to disprove the test can still be tested most times but in some cases by intentionally trying to make it not work and not fully co-operating there could be problems)

2. The only time I’ve had a challenge muscle testing someone with a pendant was because the individual was one of the types who is difficult to muscle test in general. ie. it has nothing to do with the pendant, rather not being able to muscle test the individual in general.

3. Although the term muscle testing may make it seem like a battle of wills (Assuredly some videos make it seem to be this). It is a test of a resistance and for many excessive force is hardly ever necessary. You simply need to find the point at which a person is naturally resistant to the pressure you apply. Then test again but this time exposing the individual to a source that will naturally weaken them, such as a cell phone.

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What if I do a muscle test and it doesn’t work?

A funny question I’ll get sometimes is a customer telling me they just got the pendant, did a muscle test and it didn’t work. So therefore the pendant doesn’t work or it’s a fake etc. The reality however is that as I explain above there are MANY factors which can cause a muscle test to not work. This goes well beyond muscle testing involving the scalar pendant but just in general.

After reading the above question regarding muscle testing please run a few tests to see if either the other person is testable or that you’re doing it correctly. First watch my videos to see how I do it I give several demonstration videos on this page here – as well as on my main page.

First try to test the other individual with nothing at all and see if they’re strong. Then have them hold a bag of sugar, if they don’t go weak something is likely off as 99% of people will go weak to holding a bag of sugar. Likewise try them with a cell phone and see if they go weak, you can also test this with cigarettes and alcohol although sugar is the ideal base test as everyone will go weak from it. If at this point the other person is not going weak from anything, either you’re dealing with superman or there’s something wrong with the resistance you’re using. I suggest trying the test on another individual and see if it works better or switch and have the testee try the same tests on you.

Once you can get consistency with testing with and without sugar ideally. With going from strong to weak when holding the sugar then the next step would be to try it with a cell phone and see if they go weak. At which point if they are now going weak from the sugar and going weak from the cell phone test them again with neither and see. They should be strong. Now give them the cell phone and the Scalar Energy Pendant. They should be strong if everything was testing properly as it’s never a question of whether the pendant works or not, believe me it’s always working. The factor is the testing method itself and making sure it’s being done right.

As you will find once you get it right it’s quite remarkable. Again you can always contact me if you have any questions.

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Will this set off the metal detectors in the airports?

Nope, there is no metal on the pendant or in it to any significant degree to set off metal detectors. I’ve worn my
several times through airport check points and since it just looks like any other pendant more or less they don’t
really question it.

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Will it de-magnetize credit cards?

Nope, it isn’t magnetic. As well I’ve kept one of the negative ion cards I give away as a bonus right next to my
credit cards for the last 2 years now and it has not negatively affected it whatsoever.

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Can children or pregnant women use these pendants?

Most people will tell you it’s perfectly fine. I believe it’s ok in moderation. I personally feel that they should only wear them a couple hours per day or better
yet using them to target specific issues as opposed to continual use 24/7.

Why do I say this? Well I feel in both instances you have quite a bit of human growth occurring (both in children and with the baby). So although I feel there would only be benefits to be gained the safe bet is to limit their use somewhat to instances where they would need it most.

What situations would stand out as times to use the pendant? When using a computer or phone for extended periods of time. When pain or inflammation occurs (Back pain, Headaches etc) or any other situation where isolated use would be of benefit.

Overall in my own opinion I feel its ok for children and pregnant women to wear these pendants and can only provide benefits, but with that said I still recommend limiting
exposure to the above listed types of situations.

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Why should I buy through you over somewhere else?

I personally muscle test our pendants and have seen results myself. I’m an experienced alternative health care practitioner and have practiced muscle testing (applied kinesiology) for many years. Only after being convinced of these pendants providing results through both real life results and via muscle testing can I confidently stand behind them and say these really do work. I can’t speak for other vendors online but I have a manufacturer who produces the real thing and by that I mean a product that will produce identical results to any other top end Quantum Science Pendant or Scalar Energy Pendant you may have read or heard about (Including the Fusion Excel pendant – which in my negative ion tests only put out 1600 negative ions per cubic centimeter. Put in perspective our normal strength scalar energy pendants put out about 2500 negative ion per cubic centimeter and our strong scalar energy pendants put out over 5000 negative ions per cubic centimeter!).

This much I know as I have personally tested our scalar energy pendant against numerous others (at last count about 40 different pendants, and even in blind tests this one always comes out on top or tied for first)

So you have my personal guarantee that what you’re buying is the real thing and works identically (or even better I’ve been told!) to $300 Scalar/Quantum Pendants. As well like I say repeatedly I stand behind the pendant 100% and offer my money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to give it a try!

UPDATE: Dec 7/2010 – As of Dec 10th 2010 ALL Quantum Pendants ordered will each be accompanied by a Bio-Energy Card ($15 Value)

UPDATE: Dec 16/2010 – As of Dec 21st 2010 ALL Quantum pendants will come with a black rubber pendant protector ring ($10 Value)

UPDATE: June 1st/2011 – As of June 1st 2011 ALL Quantum pendants ordered will each come with a Scalar Energy Sticker ($15 Value)


Are there any Guarantees? Yes please CLICK HERE to read about our 365 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!



Please feel free to CONTACT me with any questions you may have by Clicking Here. I stand behind my pendants 110%!

I’m all for being upfront and honest about these pendants and my business. I want educated customers who can feel confident in their purchase, not people who are being kept in the dark or misled. I put everything out on the table so you can have trust in what you’re buying from me and be left rest assured you made the right choice!


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