Scalar Pendants – Where to Buy

Wondering where to buy scalar pendants? You have heard about the many benefits of wearing a scalar pendant and want to purchase one, but with so many scams and hoaxes out there, how do you know who to buy from? Have you ever wondered why people claim that some of the pendants are fakes and what their interest in it is?


Consider an everyday item such as breakfast cereal. A shop’s own brand cereal retails at $1.50, whereas the name brand cereal retails at $3.50, yet they were manufactured in the same factory using the same raw materials. The only difference is the packaging and the price. But people often consider a name brand product to be of better quality than own brand products, and it is this fear that marketers target.


But why do they do this? Well it’s very simple – financial interest. By encouraging this fear people are more likely to buy a name brand product, which is marked at a higher price and the company therefore profits more.  Yes, it really is that simple.

Let’s take a look at how the pendant works and some of the benefits it offers. It is formed from solidified lava collected from certain Japanese volcanoes. These volcanoes give off tremendous amounts of scalar energy, which is a positive energy with zero negative side effects. This energy works with the body’s heat energy, converting it into bio-energy which helps harmonise the body internally, while externally it wards of harmful EMF energies (such as those from computers, cell phones and power lines). With the scalar energy pendant you will –



  • Have more energy
  • Have improved ability to focus and concentrate
  • Have increased strength
  • Notice an enhanced immunity
  • Heal faster
  • And enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep.


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