Are These Fusion Excel Pendants? Do they work the same?

To best answer this question I’d suggest you take a look at my Quantum Pendant FAQ which you can find by clicking here.

My pendants are manufactured in Quantum Pendant Manufacturing facilities. These are the same places where Fusion Excel gets their pendants from as well. The only difference is that “Fusion Excel” label their brand name, modify the appearance of their pendants somewhat and go to a lot of trouble to separate themselves from the rest, even though the pendants are identical in every other way (When I say this I mean in terms of materials, source, benefits and effects NOT just physical appearance alone) and more often than not produced in the same or identical facilities.

Let me explain…

If you haven’t clicked on my FAQ link I highly recommend you do if you’re interested in all of this. I essentially break down a lot of different myths about Quantum Pendants, Fusion Excel and the industry as a whole. Essentially what is going on here is branding and marketing pure and simple. If we’re to look at the product specifically on its own for what it provides it’s the same in every regard in terms of benefits and effects, anyone who says otherwise is simply repeating what they were told or hasn’t compared them head to head… I have.

The pendants I sell and these $300 pendants you find from Fusion Excel will provide the exact same effect. I’m not saying anything bad about Fusion Excel, I’m glad they’ve brought so much attention to these amazing pendants. However the problem lies in their marketing approach which is to slander all other pendants as fakes and put fear into consumers minds so that they are forced into a corner to spend the $300 on one of their pendants. This isn’t right at all.

They will go on to say if the pendant doesn’t register on their website that its a fake. Well sure if you spend $300 through one of their MLM people and it doesn’t register then absolutely you have a right to complain, since the extra $250 you just spent is literally just to be able to register your pendant on their website to confirm you bought one of theirs, that’s it! As I said before though the pendant in terms of effects and benefits are no different from the less expensive ones that I sell.

Just to make a note, against what I would like, my supplier (due to demand from other vendors I believe) is now supplying cards that look like the Fusion Excel cards with my pendants. I repeat again these pendants are NOT “Fusion Excel” pendants, they will not register on their website because I am not a “Fusion Excel” representative or have any part of their MLM system. However the Quantum Pendant which IS what a “Fusion Excel” pendant is, is what I am selling. In other words…

Put into less confusing terms, its the Same Pendant without all the branding and labels.

It gives Identical Strength, Identical Energy Boosts, Identical EMF Protection and all other benefits are Identical to that of a “Fusion Excel” Pendant.


Again feel free to ask me any questions you have about all of this, I’m happy to provide clarity on this issue. Again if I wasn’t confident in my pendants I wouldn’t give you the chance to try them out for 60 days with a money back guarantee and to do the tests yourself! I do this because I know the day you put one on and you do some muscle tests and see the differences you’ll be amazed! (And no this isn’t some placebo effect, I explain why the Placebo effect is impossible as well on the FAQ Here)

I recommend you browse my site, look at the video tests and see for yourself these pendants have the identical effect for a small fraction of the price.

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