What is a Scalar Energy Pendant

You’ve heard about Scalar Energy Pendants and that they offer a multitude of benefits, but you’re not entirely sure what they are. Read on to discover what the pendants are, how they work, and the many benefits that you will experience when you wear one.

The pendant is made from lava that has been collected from specific Japanese volcanoes. It is then solidified into a very hard and dense material, and shaped into a beautiful pendant. You may wonder what is so special about these volcanoes. They have been shown to emit massive amounts of scalar energy, which is a positive energy that promotes good health and longevity with absolutely no negative side effects. Scalar energy works by absorbing the body’s heat energy and converting into a new energy called bio-energy. Bio-energy then works within the body to harmonise metabolic functions, while externally it reduces the negative effects of harmful EMF energies. EMFs are energies given off by technological advancements such as cell phones, computers and power lines, which damage the body’s cellular structure, as well as cause a person to feel fatigued.


The pendant is most easily work around the neck, but so long as you carry it on your person you will receive the many benefits of scalar energy including:


  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased strength
  • Faster recovery time
  • A deeper and more restful sleep
  • Repelled EMF energies
  • And many more!


You will start to notice these benefits within minutes of wearing the pendant. But don’t just use it on yourself – it can be used to give other things a positive charge such as drinking water, food (raw or cooked), personal beauty products (shampoos, face and body creams), prolong the life of cut flowers, energize the water in fish tanks and aquariums, and more.


There are no negative effects of wearing the pendant, only numerous positive benefits. Get your Scalar Pendant now and start enjoying the benefits of scalar energy.


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