30th birthday gift ideas 2011 – The #1 Gift b-day gift idea!

Coming up with ultimate 30th birthday gift ideas (in 2011) can be difficult, because of the difficult nature of this birthday and all of the pressure that goes along with it. 30 is a big important birthday in our culture. For many of us it marks the end of our young adulthood and the beginning of our “real” adulthood, a time when we are more aware of growing older and more mature.

Luckily, we’ve scoured the internet for the best possible birthday idea for that special someone who is turning 30.

And the winner is…

The Scalar Energy Pendant!

The things that make the scalar energy one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas of 2011:

  • Healthy
  • All natural
  • Breakthrough technology
  • Stylish

The scalar energy pendant above all else is healthy. Healthy gifts are ideal for the 30th birthday because this is a time of transition and stress, which makes it more important than ever to maintain optimal levels of health. It’s also a time when the signs of aging start to emerge and people begin to realize that they need to look after their bodies more and stop taking their good health for granted.

Negative ions are what make this pendant an all-natural healer. The pendant emits negative ions which interfere with harmful electromagnetic frequencies from everyday electronics and cellular phones. They help to mitigate the known dangers and damage of EMF’s that are being more and more established in scientific research journals all the time.

These negative ions are essentially particles with a slight electric charge that is natural, not forced by manmade processes or tinkering. Negative ions are actually a more natural state for particles, which is why the highest concentrations of negative ions recordable are found in natural settings, like deep in a forest or near a powerful waterfall. These negative ions are responsible for that feeling of well-being we’ve all experienced taking a vacation in nature!

Because scalar pendants are not just healthy, but safe and stylish, it’s one of the best 30th birthday gift ideas (2011) that is out on the market! Your loved one will never want to take this off!