40th birthday gift ideas 2011 – For her, him or anyone!

When that special someone turns 40, it can feel especially hard to come up with perfect 40th birthday gift ideas. 2011 makes that even harder than usual because in this day and age, most 40 year olds already have so much stuff and so many goods that it’s difficult to find something they don’t already have! Increased purchasing power means that we’re also able to buy presents for ourselves — how can we find something that our loved ones can’t just buy for themselves?

The best solution is to find something they don’t even know that they want or need yet.

Finding the newest products on the market ensures that your recipient won’t already have your chosen gift, one of the worst possible outcomes of gift-giving! It also ensures that the recipient is pleasantly surprised: one of the best suprises is getting a gift that you didn’t even know existed! Isn’t it a great feeling when you find something on the shelves at your favorite store that makes you appreciate how far technology has gone, even beyond your wildest dreams? You want your recipient to think, “Wow, they have THAT now?”

It’s easier than ever to find the newest products on the market if you know where to look. The newest products are concentrated mostly in healthcare and electronics, but because people are very particular and knowledgeable about electronics, healthcare is the ideal place to look for perfect 40th birthday gift ideas. 2011 is an exciting year for new healthy technologies:

  • Energizing, alkaline water flasks

Scientists have created  water bottles that filter and energize water with powerful ions and balanced pH for optimal health and increased vitality.

  • Ultrasonic pulse skincare devices

Ultrasonic vibrations can be used to dislodge dirt, oil, and dead skin cells and help massage vitamins and antioxidants directly to epithelial stem cells for younger looking skin. The drawback of this gift is that devices can be expensive and the anti-wrinkle angle of many marketing techniques may be a put off for your recipient.

  • Scalar energy jewelry

Ionization therapy, which has been used for decades in hospitals, has been made available for every day personal use without costly electrical equipment or batteries in the form of a convenient and stylish pendant.

Scalar energy jewelry would be a great gift for any 40 year old, man or woman, due to the stylish unisex design. Scalar pendants emit healthy negative ions 24 hours a day to help battle the harmful ions and EMF’s that our electronic devices and cellular phones radiate constantly. This scientific breakthrough has been proven to be useful in treating all kinds of conditions and maladies from depression and anxiety to general illnesses and chronic pain.

Thinking of your loved one’s health can inspire the best 40th birthday gift ideas, 2011 being the ideal year for exciting new products your loved ones are sure to enjoy receiving! Just look for things that will improve health, energy, and vitality. Our health is the most important thing we own and anything that will help us look after it is a very valuable thing.