Unusual Gifts for Women 2011 – Unique gift they won’t throw away!

If you’re looking for unusual gifts for women, 2011 is a time more difficult than any before for finding gifts that are unique, practical, and totally unexpected. Most of us want our recipient to be surprised when they open their gift, but it’s equally important that they honestly like it! Follow these guidelines when choosing a gift that the women in your life will truly enjoy.

  • Don’t buy perishables

Flowers, candy, food, candles… all bad gifts! They lack permanence and will be used, thrown out, and forgotten too quickly. Furthermore, flowers can come across as a lazy solution, and candy isn’t always a good idea for body-conscious women.

  • Choose timeless jewelry

Jewelry is a great gift for women, but don’t pick something tacky and outrageous that your recipient will only wear once in a blue moon. Choosing something timeless and practical will make your gift a go-to piece for your lucky recipient. Simple lines, classic pendants, and traditional metal finishes are all safe bets.

  • Think healthy

Giving a gift that is all about your recipient’s health is one sure-fire way to choose one of the most unusual gifts for women 2011 has ever seen! Something that’s new, unique, and healthy isn’t your run of the mill gift, but it’s super practical and useful. It’s something that says that you honestly care about your friend or loved one.

  • Example perfect gift: Scalar Energy Pendant

One gift that combines all of the tips above is the scalar energy pendant, which is a wearable health device that never needs recharging or replacing. This unique and unusual product has yet to become mainstream, which means that your recipient has likely never heard of it, which is a good thing (surprises are good). And imagine how surprised they’ll be when they find out it actually works!

You can explain the scalar energy pendant to them if you know a little something about how it works. The pendant works basically by emitting negative ions, which are particles that have an electric charge. Most air in nature is electrically charged in the same way, but our homes and electronics tend to charge the air in the opposite direction (positively charged). Our bodies need negatively charged ions in order to function at our best, so supplementing our supply of negative ions is one of the simplest ways to restore balance to our environments.

The benefits of negative ions are well established in scientific journals, to the point of actually being prescribed by Western doctors for a variety of conditions, from depression to chronic pain.

Ionization therapy is a common treatment, but never before has it been available in something so small and simple as a pendant.

The scalar energy pendant is a classic and unobtrusive pendant that can be worn around the neck or the wrist and complements many outfits and looks. The pendant can also be worn under the clothes if desired.

Scalar energy jewelry is likely one of the most unusual gifts for women 2011 has to offer. Your recipient is sure to be pleased by this thoughtful, practical, and healthy piece of stylish jewelry!