Alkaline Water Bottle Information – Special Offer!

The Alkaline Water Bottle is a natural health product which filters and enhances the water stored within it. The Bottle is made out of stainless steel and contains a filter which uses all natural stones to alkalize, purify & energize the water in the bottle. The Alkaline Water Bottle makes it possible to create Alkaline, Energized and Purified water on the go!

The bottle holds approximately 375ml of liquid and can last up to 2 years with a daily usage of 2 liters per day.


pH Test Video Using Alkaline Water Bottle

NOTE: pH Strips DO NOT work with this test! You must use pH drops in order to test pH change of water from bottle.


Benefits of the Alkaline Water Bottle

●     Filters water of many contaminants (Bacteria, reduces chlorine)

●     Reduces molecular size of water, which makes it easier for your blood to absorb the water and increase your hydration

●     Increases the pH of water which reduces the acidity of the body

●     gives the water a low ORP, providing antioxidant potential

●     helps improve your body’s acid/alkaline balance

●     boosts immunity against bacteria and viruses

●     fights free radicals

●     high oxygenation improves sleep, mental clarity, and energy

●     high oxygen and alkaline levels help push out toxins and detoxifies at the cellular level


How It Works

The Alkaline Water Bottle contains several natural stones which act on the water in many positive ways. The longer the water sits in the bottle the greater the effect. Although you only need water to sit in the bottle for 2 minutes to receive a positive effect from the water! Simply fill the bottle up with ideally pre-purified or filtered water (the bottle can remove many contaminants however not all and as a result you are still best to use pure water in the bottle).

Below are pictures and descriptions of the various stones contained within the alkaline energy filter. Most $1000+ Alkaline Water Ionizers use these EXACT same stones!

Alkaline Water Bottle Stones

Alkaline Energy Water Bottle 2

What do you Get?

Each Alkaline Water Bottle comes with a BONUS water filter in addition to the filter inside the bottle, so that’s 2 filters total! Each filter will last 1-2 years. So your water bottle will last no less than 2 years to a maximum of 4 years. Replacement filters can be purchased through me or various other online vendors (although I’ll likely have them much cheaper). As well you will receive the carry case pictured below.

Alkaline Energy Flask in Carry OnAlkaline Energy Flask in Carry On Case


The Alkaline Water Bottle comes in Blue, Black, Silver & Red. You can indicate with your purchase on the online invoice which color you would like!

Alkaline Water Bottle Special



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