Cell Phone EMF Protection

Cell phone EMF protection can be a daunting task to go at when you first get started, but with a little research you can protect yourself against these harmful signals with minimal effort. If you’re wondering what EMFs are, how cell phone emf protection works, and what you can do to protect yourself to stop it, this article is for you?


What are EMFs and How Do They Affect Health?

EMF is an acronym for electromagnetic fields or electromagnetic frequencies. EMFs are natural in low level background radiation; you’ll encounter them in country sides and just about everywhere. Many people will go on and on about the dangers of EMF, but not all EMF is dangerous to human beings. We evolved with a natural tolerance and even dependence on these naturally occurring fields and frequency. The reason people are starting to take notice now, is that there are so many new illnesses attributed to EMF.


EMF radiation in amounts we come into contact with every day has been proven to damage and even destroy healthy cells and can lead to all kinds of problems. One of the main issues that people notice is the disruption or increase in melatonin and serotonin production. Melatonin is what signals your brain that it’s time to sleep, and serotonin tells your brain when it’s time to get up. When these two get cross you’ll suffer lack of sleep, too much sleep, and a myriad of mood disorders. It’s important to note that people who have sleep issues are at a greater risk for cancer, so it’s important to consider cell phone emf protection.

What Can I Do to Protect Against EMFs?

Cell phone emf protection can be found in a wide variety of forms, from cellphone accessories to energy pendants and even shielded energy clothing. Many find they prefer the cellphone accessories to other kinds of protection, but more often than not, you don’t want a lot of crazy stuff hanging off your cell phone. A good alternative to this could be one of the energy pendants, as it offers passive protection.


Energy pendants are also rather useful if you’re worried about more than cell phone emf protection, as it will block and neutralize all the other forms of nasties that might come your way.  Do you really want to have to wear special clothes or try to keep a bunch of accessories on your phone that might work? Think about all the electronic devices you come into contact with in daily life, and ask yourself, how is it affecting you?