Cell Phone Radiation Blockers

Cell phone radiation blockers are a great way to keep yourself safe from a myriad of different health problems caused by modern life. It’s a sad fact that no matter what you do, you can’t really escape the high levels of background radiation. Here we’ll discuss EMFs are, why you should protect you and your health against them, and how these products work.


How Does Cell Phone Radiation Affect Health?

Cell phones emit a kind of radiation called microwave radiation, and they also emit EMF, or electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic frequencies. All these radiations and fields occur naturally in low levels; humans have evolved a natural tolerance to these and even a dependence on them to an extent. What you have to worry about is the unnatural levels of these that you encounter every day, think about all the electronics you encounter through the day and night, and you might come to the conclusion that you need to do something about it.

EMF and cellphone radiation in these amounts have been proven to mess with how your cells work on an individual level, and can even disrupt your body’s ability to create new healthy cells. Studies have noted that melatonin production gets screwy with high amounts of emf and cellphone radiation, and can cause sleep issues, mood disorders, and even cancer. With all the emerging studies out right now about how sleep is key in longevity and lack of sleep can contribute to the rising cancer rates, it’s a good time to consider cell phone radiation blockers.


What Are Cell Phone Radiation Blockers?


Cell phone radiation blockers come in all kinds, and will suit just about any one’s tastes. Things to keep in mind when buying them are this, is it right for you, will you actually use it, and does it look like it will actually work? Products offered in this line include special clothing, energy jewelry, and cell phone accessories. If you like wearing extra clothes that will shield you from the radiation check these out. If you like cell phone accessories and don’t mind a lot of stuff dangling off your mobile, cell phone accessories might be for you.


Many  people find that protection with energy pendants are the best way to go. These emit a type of positive energy that repels bad energies, keeping you safe from low lying radiation (you won’t be able to skip about a power plant) but are a passive form of protection against these kinds of problems. If you’re looking for a good way to protect yourself, just keep in mind that common sense is the best defense.