Cell Phone Radiation Shield

Along with the escalating use of mobile and cellular phones and health issues which weren’t a problem just a decade ago, quite a few of us might be left asking ourselves if cell phones are the cause. Right now there are two billion cell phones in use worldwide, and 500 million in North America; with the increasing cases of auto immune diseases and cancer, it might be a good time to look into cell phone radiation shields.

There are several scientific studies at present which have established the connection between cell phone radiation and illnesses like most cancers, tumors, auto immune diseases, as well as migraines, not to mention hypertension! Sadly we just don’t know for sure, and won’t have an official answer about these concerns for quite some time until the research has finally finished, however people really should try to shield themselves from cell phone radiation.

How can i shield myself against Cell Phone Radiation?

Cell phone radiation shields are really quite simple, and you simply must follow a handful of steps to safeguard your wellbeing:

Put on some sort of EMF defense product. These come in electronic gadgets, even organic including scalar energy pendants, along with a large selection of other kinds of products and solutions.

Restrict the use of Cell phones only to urgent calls as well as keeping each and every call under 15 minutes each.

Keep the phone away from you whenever you don’t need or aren’t using it. You might not think this is a big deal, but cellphones have shown in studies to contribute to infertility. Just keep it away from your body like on your desk, anywhere but your pocket.

Avoid using the phone in conductive environments like cars, elevators, and anywhere else where there’s a lot of metal. This will amplify the signal and

Don’t use any cell phone near conductors, like beds, cars, and other areas with lots of metal. This prevents the signal from bouncing back to you.

People might think they need their phone by them at all times, but they really don’t. If you’re one of those who use their phone as an alarm clock, get yourself a serious alarm clock and then leave the phone in a different place when you sleep at night. When you’re relaxing, ensure that is stays away from you, you’re always able to go back to your calls later.

While there’s many ways to protect against EMFs with cell phone radiation shields, the best defense is always common sense! Use your cell or mobile phone wisely, because it will be a long time before we know the actual effects of these devices on people.