Benefits of Scalar Energy – Scalar Energy Pendant Benefits

The benefits of Scalar Energy have been well documented, and most people buy a Scalar Energy pendant to enjoy its benefits. The great thing about having a pendant is that the energy is embedded in the pendant, radiating from the center to protect the wearer.  But what does a Scalar Energy Pendant protect you from? What are the real benefits, and how do you know it works?

What Does Scalar Energy Do?

Scalar Energy was first “discovered” back in the late 19th century, but it has existed alongside all other forms of energy since the beginning of time. Nikola Tesla experimented with it, and Einstein wrote about it, but what is it? Scalar Energy is a form of energy that is positively charged; it repels EMF energy and neutralizes it. But EMF is known to be safe isn’t it? Wrong, back in the ‘40s and ‘50s when scientists determined it would be safe for humans, they made this assumption based on low levels of electromagnetic field radiation.


They never envisioned the world we live in today, surrounded by electrical devices, cell phones, bombarded on all sides every day. High levels of EMF background radiation have been shown to disrupt the pituitary gland, preventing the production of melanin, causing insomnia and even hypersomnia (sleeping too often). It can cause cellular damage, even in the ‘50s there was evidence of  this, but again no one knew how much we would be bombarded by in the future. Scalar will neutralize the EMF and protect you from all the problems associated with it.


What are the Benefits of a Scalar Energy Pendant?

Scalar Energy will neutralize EMF, to prevent harmful effects. Some of the benefits noted by users are:

Relief from muscle soreness and lower back pain

Improves sleep, preventing restlessness, fatigue and insomnia

Increases mental alertness, memory, and focus

In addition to these problems, it’s great for promoting a better sense of wellbeing. Many have found it a vital part of their holistic healing.

Why Would I Want One?

With all the reasons above, I think there’s a strong case for protecting yourself against harmful radiation. Our Scalar Energy Pendants are made from igneous rock (volcanic rock) gathered from Volcanoes in Japan, where jewelry forged from this rock has been used for over a thousand years and renowned for its healing properties. Why not try one today?