Lava Quantum Energy Pendant – Japanese Volcanic Jewelry

For centuries, the Japanese have fashioned jewelry out of Igneous Rock, or hardened lava rocks from volcanoes. Around the volcanic regions of Japan, people have an amazing longevity and clarity of mind longer into life, and some attribute this to the abundance of Quantum Energy in the volcanic jewelry. This Quantum Energy is often referred to as Scalar Energy, and will be used interchangeably here. Whether you’re looking for a Lava Quantum Energy Pendant, or just a decorative piece of Japanese Volcanic Jewelry, we have something for you.

What is Quantum Energy, and How Can it Help Me?

Quantum Energy is a form of energy that has been with us since the beginning of time, just like electromagnetic field radiation, or EMF. Quantum Energy has the great property of being only positively charged, and able to neutralize most forms of EMF and repel the rest. If you’re wondering why you should worry about EMF, you can find a lot of information about that on Google. Basically, in small amounts background or low level electromagnetic field radiation won’t hurt you. When you surround yourself with a myriad of electronic devices, you begin to get a cumulative effect, and illnesses. Since Quantum Energy can repel EMF, it can protect you from biological interference that you come into contact with in all parts of your everyday life.

Benefits include better and deeper sleep, regeneration and healthier cell production, increased focus and concentration, headache and back pain relief, and much more. There are currently many ongoing studies into Quantum/Scalar Energy’s effects on the human body, but so far the finished studies have been very promising with their effects for beneficial change of our health.

Why Would I Want Japanese Volcanic Jewelry?

If you’ve been looking into buying Quantum or Scalar Energy Pendants, you’ve undoubtedly seen many different kinds of energy pendants offered! Many would opt for a gold pendant, or some other precious metal, but with energy pendants this doesn’t really matter. Do you want something that looks like every other piece of jewelry in your collection, or something beautiful and unique?

Another thing to take into consideration is the planet. Much energy is expended to mine precious minerals like gold and silver, and many times cruel business practices are involved. Volcanic rock is collected from the surface, beautiful, and best of all, eco-friendly!