Best Protection From Cell Phone EMF

Choosing the best protection from cell phone EMFs might seem like a crazy daunting task, but it needn’t be! In the following article we’ll be discussing what cell phone emfs are, what they can do to you, and how to protect yourself from them.

What Are Cell Phone EMFs?

Cell Phone EMFs are basically the signals that are emitted through cell phones when they’re idle and in use. When idle, the cell phone will send out signals to towers to make sure it still has a connection. When you use it, it sends out high powered signals that can effect the way your brain works, and even worse it can cause all kinds of crazy effects; more on that later. But, no matter if you’re using them or not, they’re sending out signals and you’re getting dosed, even if you’re not using it every much.



How do Cell Phone EMFs Affect Health?

Many concluded and ongoing research studies have proven the link between cell phone radiation and illness. People have independently reported side effects such as:

Damaged Tissues

Varieties of cancer such as glioma and meningioma (cancers in the brain)

Pain and burning in the extremities, severe headaches, lightheadedness and low energy

Sleep issues and Absentmindedness

With all these reasons in mind, it’s a good time to consider what the best protection from cell phone emf is.

What is the Best Protection from Cell Phone EMF?

There are many kinds of products that will protect you from cell phone emfs, but you should think about what would be good for you. There are so many options out there it can get overwhelming, but by thinking about what you’re cool with, you can find a good source of protection. Some people opt for things like cell phone accessories that shield your head from the radiation, but something they don’t shield your hands or the rest of your body that’s exposed.

Many people end up choosing an energy pendant, but what do energy pendants do? These create a buffer around your body, providing full body protection against EMFs that can negatively impact your health. When considering these as your source of protection, you need to consider what it’s made of. The best kind of energy pendants are made of natural materials like volcanic rock or metal, while bad ones will be synthetics or acrylics.

These are charged with positive energies that create a shield around your body, turning negative energies into a positive force for personal healing. No matter what way you go, common sense is the best defense.