Block Cell Phone Radiation

Blocking cell phone radiation is the best way to protect yourself against microwave and electromagnetic (also known as EMF) radiation. If you’ve done any research, you know why this is very important, and why you would want to protect yourself; if not in this post you’ll find out why you should worry about it, and just what can block harmful cell phone radiation.

Before getting into the effects, it’s good to consider all that you need; everyone is different and everyone will need different kinds of protection, some may need none at all. One this is for sure, if you use cell phones, you’re at risk and you should learn how to block the radiation.

What Are the effects of Cell Phone Radiation?

Cell phone radiation has some particularly drastic consequences on our health and wellbeing, and are one of the main focuses of a wide variety of research studies. With over four billion people using cell phones, or over half the planet’s population, it’s important that we come to conclusions quickly about the effects cell phones have on everyone’s health. The most important thing to note is that while you may not use a cell phone yourself, you’re still being exposed to the radiation. Effects of exposure include:

Many cancers of the brain (like glioma and meningioma) and even cancers of the eye

Pain and burning in the hands, head, face and neck

Forgetfulness, sleep dysfunction, and fatigue

Cellular as well as tissue damage

How to Block Cell phone radiation?


Learning to block cell phone radiation can be tricky, especially when you’re first starting down the path to taking your health back into your own hands. If you look at all the options available for protecting yourself against cell phone radiation, you’ll find cell phone accessories, special clothes, and even energy jewelry. Most people will pick the energy jewelry, as it’s passive protection that you don’t have to worry about keeping maintenance on.

Energy Jewelry is made out of volcanic rock or precious metals, charged with a positive energy called scalar or quantum energy. It has a unique property of only being positively charged, so it will negate negative energies and keep you safe. Another great thing about them is that they will surround the wearer with a barrier of protection, so you can still use devices without worrying about the negative effects.

No matter what way you decide to protect yourself, just bear in mind common sense, don’t use the cellphone unless it’s important.