Quantum Pendant California – Real or Fake? Read This!

Trying to search “Quantum Pendant California” in order to find a local supplier, possibly to try one out locally first hand? Well regardless of whether you live in California or anywhere in the world for that matter here’s some good news. I’m offering you the chance to buy from me RISK FREE to try out the pendant yourself, do the muscle tests and wear it around. If you’re not satisfied in 60 days simply send it back in the original condition your purchased it in with the box and certification card and you’ll receive a 100% refund! I guarantee it!

Quantum Pendant REAL TESTING PROOF (this isn’t a muscle test!) – CLICK HERE!

Why am I targeting Quantum Pendant customers from California in this post? Well I get a great deal of customers from there and I felt it would be good to let anyone from the area know about my offer. However if you live in Australia, Canada, the UK or anywhere for that matter my offer still applies!

I have a few things I wanted to cover in this post regarding Quantum Pendants but first things first I suggest you read my FAQ below

You can check out my FAQ right here – https://www.scalarenergypendants.com/scalar-energy-pendants-faq/ to find out why my quantum pendants are just as good as much more expensive ones.

There is something you need to know right off the bat. There is also a big game going on within this Energy Pendant industry. You’ve probably already seen a great deal of this by browsing the web about them. Companies coercing potential customers to buy from them and no one else for fear of getting a “Fake”, “Knock Off” or unstable pendant of some kind. These, what I’ll label as “Scare Tactics” are exactly that. Ways for different suppliers (Big and Small) to try and corner the market by convincing shoppers that they’ll get screwed if they buy from somewhere else (often expensive vendors┬átargeting┬ácheaper ones)



To break it down if you live in California or anywhere for that matter and you’re interested in Quantum Pendants what you need to know is this. The effect of the Quantum pendant is not due to some “energy infusion” or process that might go by another name, regardless of what they try to make you believe. In fact the benefit you receive from the pendant is purely a result of the volcanic stone it contains in addition to a tourmaline stone which increases the negative ion output. Volcanic rock has been found to have a very grounding effect and this seems to translate into people having greater resistance against EMFs and negative energies in general through wearing one. This energy it emits as well is known as “Scalar Energy” a form of energy that was theorized and discussed by Tesla and Einstein to be a sort of universal earth energy we can all tap into.

By having a stone like this next to our body we become strengthened by it much like how various other healing stones like Quartz Crystals provide benefits to us. I tend to look at the Quantum Pendant as having a profound earth effect, which is why it creates such a strong grounding and raw strength/power energy to the user.


Should you believe the Quantum Pendant Hype???

Is there a lot of needless hype surrounding the pendant??? Absolutely!!! I sell them and still feel the marketing hype some people try to push on about them is far too excessive. However I understand why this is the case when you’re trying to peddle a $300 pendant that likely cost less than $10 to make I can see the need. Here-in lies the dilemma for most people. They always ask… “But does it really work? Will it help me?” To answer that question is not as easy as one would think, however I can say one thing is that there is a DEFINITE effect from the pendant and those muscle tests you see online are absolutely real. You can see them on my own site where I’ve tried doing them repeatedly and it’s always the same positive result.

Can you wear the pendant and expect it to completely fix all your health problems? Absolutely not! I know many people would like to hope so. However again with this said I do believe it can help promote wellness in the body in numerous ways and is an EXCELLENT adjunct to doing other health giving therapies. I have had people with shortness of breath due to heart problems wear the Quantum Pendant and then find they can be more active and feel ok without the breathing difficulties. Some other people have commented that they felt a subtle effect but no obvious changes, while they did the test and it showed they were stronger for it. What it seems to come down to is that some people are simply more sensitive to it than others, however EVERYONE receives equal benefits from it.

In many ways I look at the Quantum Pendant like taking a multi-vitamin every day, you know its doing something good for you and you might notice something, maybe a great deal, where others might not. However you’re better off taking it (or ideally greatly improving your diet) than to just stop. In many ways this is true with the Quantum pendant. It’s doing something positive for you and you might notice something, and you might not. I know for myself I felt tremendously better for wearing daily AND taking care of my health. However in those times when I wasn’t sleeping well or stressed out it helped me to stay focused and energized without burning out.

I personally wear one every day (more like 2-3 at all times). If I didn’t believe in the product I wouldn’t sell it. More than that I’m a customer turned vendor due to having a belief that the Quantum Pendant is just one more tool that we can all use to better ourselves. When you have access to something like this why deprive yourself of it?

So that’s all for my post here today. If you’re at all concerned about fake Quantum Pendants I want to assure you that most of the ones I’ve come across have been absolutely real, the only ones I personally haven’t seen much from or muscle tested weak were ones not made from the rock ceramic but rather from a metal or other material. So again if you live in Canada, California, Australia, the UK or anywhere for that matter and you’re interested in the Quantum Pendant feel free to contact me and I’ll answer any questions you have.