Bio Energy Healing Products – Scalar Bio Energy Healing Pendant

Scalar Bio Energy Healing Pendants are helpful for people who are tired of fighting the effects of harmful EMF radiation. When buying a Scalar Energy Pendant or any Bio Energy Healing products, you might have a few questions; What is Scalar Energy, What is EMF, and Why are EMFs Harmful?

What is Scalar Energy?

A universally shared fact about energy is that it can’t be destroyed, it will only change forms. Scalar energy is special, as it can repair and renew itself indefinitely. Scalar energy can be harnessed for the use of helping cells regenerate and help protect against EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation by creating a barrier.

What is EMF?

Now we come to the elephant in the room, Electromagnetic Fields. Electromagnetic fields occur naturally, and surround our planet, solar system, and even run throughout the planet. These naturally occurring electromagnetic fields have been with humans since the beginning of time, and we have evolved natural dependencies and defenses against them. In the 21st century, we are now faced with an overabundance of EMF, and have not had the time to evolve with them, and there have been some side effects.

Bio Energy Healing Products - Scalar Bio Energy Healing Pendant

What Are the Harmful Effects of EMF

EMF is low frequency radiation. Over the years, scientists and health researchers first believed that EMFs would be safe in large quantities around people because low frequency radiation in small amounts won’t hurt people. Now, we know that humans flooded with large quantities of EMF from common devices (cell phones, computers, TVs, power lines and cell towers, fluorescent lights, etc.) become stressed, depressed, sick, and eventually can succumb to death.

EMF fields have been scientifically proven to disrupt and damage cells in tissues (like the skin) and can increase melatonin production. Why is increased melatonin production a bad thing? Melatonin will tell you when you need to sleep, and if this is disrupted, you may become stressed and have sleeping problems like insomnia, sleeping too much (hypersomnia) and lethargy. It’s been well documented that sleep plays a vital role in longevity, cancer risks, and mental health.

Why Should I Buy a Scalar Bio Energy Healing Pendant?

If you want to defend yourself as best as possible, protecting yourself against harmful EMF is paramount. Scalar energy is known to repel EMF of high and low densities, and will help your body restore balance.