Life Energy Pendant – Scalar Bio Energy Pendants

Scalar Bio Energy Pendants, also known as Life Energy Pendants, are a great way to promote natural holistic health. Scalar Energy Pendants are fast becoming not only a part of people’s wellness, but a nice organic fashion statement. Here we’ll be talking about the benefits of Scalar Bio Energy Pendants, how they size up against others, and why you would want one.

How it works

Life Energy Pendants, or Scalar Bio Energy Pendants, have been scientifically proven to repair damaged cells and promote the production of healthier cells that can withstand more than normal cells. But how does it do this, without electronics and chemicals of any kind?

Scalar energy has existed alongside other forms of energy, like nuclear and EMF, since the beginning of time. Scalar energy has the special property of being positively charged and able to repel most EMF energy, and neutralize the rest that gets through. We get our Scalar Energy from hardened volcanic rocks at certain sites in Japan where Scalar Energy is abundant. Scalar Energy can be charged into objects, and it’s most powerful near the heart or along major arteries (that’s why you see many scalar bracelets and anklets) where the energy can be delivered directly into the bloodstream and get straight to work.

Benefits of Scalar Bio Energy Pendants

Now that you know how it works, you should know the benefits of these pendants. There are many published and ongoing studies that are working to find the efficacy (how well something actually works) of Scalar Energy products. Many reported effects from users of them are:

Improved stamina and energy

Improved focus and concentration

Protection against EMF and other forms of minor radiation

Better and deeper sleep

Why Would I Want An Energy Pendant?

Keeping in mind all the information above, you might be wondering why you would want one. EMF radiation, which Scalar Energy repels, can cause a myriad of health problems, and this has been proven many times over. If you’re curious, Google “EMF effects” or “EMF studies human health” to see the proof. It will become clear after a little research that you are in charge of your own health, and you need to protect yourself against unnecessary and preventable illnesses. If you’re skeptical, our Life Energy pendants and Scalar Bio Energy Pendants come with a 60 day money back guarantee.